Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's a lazy Saturday!

I really should be cozying up to the vacuum cleaner right now but here I am..."wasting time" again. Actually I'm waiting for my kids to finish up their lunch and go down for naps so I can clean in peace. Without them following behind me, messing up and I'm cleaning up. I have a sneaking suspicion that Baby will wake up just as I'm ready to start cleaning.

Hubby got some caramel rolls rising this morning (yep, he sometimes wears the skirt around the house. I love him for it!) and just as he was about to roll them out, he got called into work. We've never been so happy for him to get called in...We were suppose to go on a Couples Retreat until he realized he was on call this weekend. The other guy he works with is in Hawaii so we had no choice but to stay home. We figured that if we stayed home, he wouldn't get called in...not so. He stayed home long enough to roll out the rolls (I hate that part!!) and off he went.

I was able to snag a treasury yesterday. They're so much fun to do! Now I have to start thinking of my next theme for one. Any ideas?

I was able to take a ton of pictures yesterday. Here's a sampling of some of the signs...

Whatever Clock

Celebrate Life SignRonnie the Robot

These are the only three I had to edit and repost on Etsy. I have a ton more to do. I also retook pictures of all the coasters but have yet to edit them. It's quite the job!

Time for me to get back on with life! Later!

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SleightGirl said...

That clock is great! And now all of a sudden I'm having a craving for caramel rolls...mmmmmm.