Monday, February 2, 2009

Today's session

I'm crossing thing off my to-do list this morning, it's a great feeling!
I finished up my coasters on Saturday and found time this morning to photograph them. Here what my humble set up looked like today. I had a 20 month old on one side trying to give me kisses as I'm trying to hold the camera steady, a 4 year old handing me the next set to photograph and a three year old behind me on a stool singing "Noogie, noogie, and a noogie!" "You like dat song, Mom?" (in case you're wondering a Noogie is when you take your fist and rub is really quickly across the top of someone's head. Obviously he likes the way the word sounds because I'm not sure he even knows what a "noogie" is.) Thankfully the baby was peacefully sleeping.

Here is a photo collage of the coasters. One from each set. I'll be listing them over the next week or so. It's called a sneak'll have to watch my shop to see what they look like close up! ;)

I have a lot of pictures to edit over the next few days. Not only these coasters but also all the pictures of the signs I took the other day...let's not talk about the pictures of the baby blankets, aprons, light switch covers, magnets... It's a great project to work on when I'm nursing the baby.
Now back to that to-do list...

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