Friday, January 30, 2009

Today was going to be an

able mabel day, but here it is...almost noon and I haven't worked on anything yet besides computer stuff. I've fussed with Dolly and got a workout in, so I'm not complaining...yet.

I was going to attempt to retake pictures of all our signs. We'll see if I can get a good set up going today. I probably need to do it asap before the sun comes directly into the window. I'm really hoping to make a few new signs today but we'll see how that goes. Remember...I'm no longer the boss around here. That spot belongs to the 7 week old in pink.

I think I'll also "stalk" the treasury today and see if I'm able to snag one of them. I don't really have a good theme in mind so maybe I'll wait...

I'm going to start snapping photos. I'll post pictures later!

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