Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo Sneeze!

A sneak peek at the coasters I was working on yesterday. I got them all assembled except for one set. Ran out of time. They're on my to-do list for tomorrow. Unless I can get to them today, but I think that's wishful thinking!
A yummy, colorful rack of drying fabric scraps. Gotta get everything lined up for my "new" sewing machine! I can't wait to dive right in! My brain has been filled with ideas!

Trying out a new style of light switch covers. This style is a bit more challenging because there isn't as much room for artwork. It poses a new challenge for me. It's a good challenge though!

Remember those pictures above my fireplace I've been talking about. I found these 24"x24" canvas squares in the clearance section of They came in sets of two so I bought two sets. Quite hideous, in my opinion. I took this picture after I had already painted the sides.

All I did was mod podge four sheets of patterned scrapbook paper on each canvas. I'll hang all four above the fireplace for a huge collage (or as husband called it...a checker board.). I learned a few things while putting this together.

  1. The canvas was suppose to be 24"x24" but they weren't exactly square. Some fudging was required.
  2. I would not recommend mod podge for adhering paper to canvas. It was all I had at that given moment so I used it. I ended up with bubbles and ripples. I think it's because the canvas wasn't stretched tightly enough. Oh well, good thing it'll be hanging up high enough.
  3. Next time I'll use scrap wood instead of canvas. It's easier to work with when using mod podge.
  4. It was a fun, easy, cheap project! Try this one at home guys!


Mich said...

beautiful work!!!

RitaSmeeta said...

Your collage/checkerboard is WAY WAY WAY better than what you originally purchased! lol! ;) Great project!