Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Go Figure

  • When Hubby leaves for the weekend, Baby takes over his spot in bed. He comes home and she lets her displeasure at getting kicked out of bed known at 2:00 am.
  • A "blogging inspiration" hits me around 2:37 am just as soon as I get Wiggly Baby to sleep on my chest. I can't get up and write it down, after all I don't hardly dare breathe in case she wakes up.
  • I just sit down to catch up on blogging when Baby starts crying, another needs her diaper changed, Son #1 is wanting a haircut (at 8:36 am? whatever!), Daughter #3 wants to go to the post office "RIGHT NOW!"...
  • When supper boils over in the oven, causing just enough smoke to set off one smoke alarm, the one that goes off just has to be the one at the top of the vault in the living room. As I stand on a bar stool and wave a broom at it, trying to clear the smoke, I accidentally hit it and pop the battery door open. It stops squealing, but now how to get the door shut again? Enter tall husband, who when standing on the same stool (I'm no longer on it) is able to push the door shut with the broom. Whew! (true story from three months ago! I was flying around trying to figure out how to get it so be quiet. I didn't need the neighbors calling the fire department on us!)
  • The toaster and coffee pot huddle together in the kitchen conspiring to both go kaput two days apart. Not funny! (happened to us about 6 months ago, they must have decided our kitchen needed a makeover!)
  • Everytime I run errands, I either get a cart that squeaks like a stuck pig or one that pulls hard to the right or left.
  • When one light bulb goes out, about three others do too. (In this house it only takes one of us to change a light bulb...)

It's just life! Gotta love it!

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