Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's a lazy Saturday!

I really should be cozying up to the vacuum cleaner right now but here I am..."wasting time" again. Actually I'm waiting for my kids to finish up their lunch and go down for naps so I can clean in peace. Without them following behind me, messing up and I'm cleaning up. I have a sneaking suspicion that Baby will wake up just as I'm ready to start cleaning.

Hubby got some caramel rolls rising this morning (yep, he sometimes wears the skirt around the house. I love him for it!) and just as he was about to roll them out, he got called into work. We've never been so happy for him to get called in...We were suppose to go on a Couples Retreat until he realized he was on call this weekend. The other guy he works with is in Hawaii so we had no choice but to stay home. We figured that if we stayed home, he wouldn't get called in...not so. He stayed home long enough to roll out the rolls (I hate that part!!) and off he went.

I was able to snag a treasury yesterday. They're so much fun to do! Now I have to start thinking of my next theme for one. Any ideas?

I was able to take a ton of pictures yesterday. Here's a sampling of some of the signs...

Whatever Clock

Celebrate Life SignRonnie the Robot

These are the only three I had to edit and repost on Etsy. I have a ton more to do. I also retook pictures of all the coasters but have yet to edit them. It's quite the job!

Time for me to get back on with life! Later!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Today was going to be an

able mabel day, but here it is...almost noon and I haven't worked on anything yet besides computer stuff. I've fussed with Dolly and got a workout in, so I'm not complaining...yet.

I was going to attempt to retake pictures of all our signs. We'll see if I can get a good set up going today. I probably need to do it asap before the sun comes directly into the window. I'm really hoping to make a few new signs today but we'll see how that goes. Remember...I'm no longer the boss around here. That spot belongs to the 7 week old in pink.

I think I'll also "stalk" the treasury today and see if I'm able to snag one of them. I don't really have a good theme in mind so maybe I'll wait...

I'm going to start snapping photos. I'll post pictures later!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm not sure why I'm not in bed yet...

It's late. I finally got my baby settled down. She's been super squirmy since about 7pm. I bounced her thru a game of Monopoly with my husband (I lost by a mile. What else is new...he always wins.), got her settled (or so I thought), only to have her wake up again as I was going to get ready for bed. I perched down at the computer to bounce her on my lap again until she finally fell asleep. I decided I better update until I know for sure she's down...I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Newborns are a lot of fun but a lot of work at the same time!!!

I got my first order of Minky fabric today. It's got to be the best stuff out soft and cozy! I ordered a leopard print because it looked so...well...wild. I'm not sure what I'll pair with it but I don't doubt that I'll find something! Makes me want to pull out the sewing machine right now! I have to lay off the fabric buying until I get some stuff sewn. Or at least once the fabric I already ordered came. Then I can spread it all out and decide which fabric will be for which item. I can already feel the pin picks on the tips of my fingers!!! So exciting!

Actually the first thing I need to do (once I get the fabric) is work on two blankets someone custom ordered. Custom orders are fun, yet a little bit nerve-wracking at the same time. It's always a toss up whether or not the customer is going to like what I come up with. They may have one version in their head and I could have a totally different one. This order won't be bad since the blanket she wants is already in our shop...she just wants a larger size.

I think she's finally out...I better hit the sheets while I can. Good Night! See you in the morning!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo Sneeze!

A sneak peek at the coasters I was working on yesterday. I got them all assembled except for one set. Ran out of time. They're on my to-do list for tomorrow. Unless I can get to them today, but I think that's wishful thinking!
A yummy, colorful rack of drying fabric scraps. Gotta get everything lined up for my "new" sewing machine! I can't wait to dive right in! My brain has been filled with ideas!

Trying out a new style of light switch covers. This style is a bit more challenging because there isn't as much room for artwork. It poses a new challenge for me. It's a good challenge though!

Remember those pictures above my fireplace I've been talking about. I found these 24"x24" canvas squares in the clearance section of They came in sets of two so I bought two sets. Quite hideous, in my opinion. I took this picture after I had already painted the sides.

All I did was mod podge four sheets of patterned scrapbook paper on each canvas. I'll hang all four above the fireplace for a huge collage (or as husband called it...a checker board.). I learned a few things while putting this together.

  1. The canvas was suppose to be 24"x24" but they weren't exactly square. Some fudging was required.
  2. I would not recommend mod podge for adhering paper to canvas. It was all I had at that given moment so I used it. I ended up with bubbles and ripples. I think it's because the canvas wasn't stretched tightly enough. Oh well, good thing it'll be hanging up high enough.
  3. Next time I'll use scrap wood instead of canvas. It's easier to work with when using mod podge.
  4. It was a fun, easy, cheap project! Try this one at home guys!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

There is nothing more frustrating

than having a post all typed up, posting it (or so I thought), only to realize some error occurred and it didn't actually post! Especially when time is limited! Blogger only had the first line of the post saved!

I'm pretty impressed with the amount of things I've gotten done today. It's been a good long while since it's happened! Last night I had a few hours of uninterrupted work time after the kids went to bed and hubby curled up on the couch with a Vince Flynn book. Can you say "Sweetness?!?!" This morning I did a workout while my baby was napping (I absolutely adore the Crunch workouts! They're all $6.99 on right now. I have to get rid of these spongy arms and legs and try to straighten out this nursing hunch!) and finished up the picture for above my fireplace. Then it was more mundane stuff like vacuuming, laundry and dishes. This afternoon I started in on assembling 6 sets of coasters while chatting on the phone to JB (man, I miss her! Our phone chats have become few and far between since we both had our babies. This too shall pass! Sorry, I couldn't resist throwing that line in there!), only to be interrupted by a hungry baby. It's all good!

Tomorrow I'll share a "picture sneeze" with you. Should be fun!

Now it's back to my coasters before the troops awake. Little fingers and wet coasters are not a pleasant mix!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just a quick one!

I realized the other day that I really need to try my hardest to keep updating my blog daily! After all, what fun is it to read a blog that never changes!

We finally had a slow (or slower) weekend! It was hard to get motivated to do anything around here on Saturday. Last week, everyday was packed full, so it felt good to veg. I did start in on my pictures for above my fireplace. I'll show you pictures when they're all done. Sunday found us over at some friends' house. She is one of my best brain storming buddies and the one that I credit for helping me find my "crafty" side. She got me started with scrapbooking and the rest is history!

I found out last week that one of my husband's nieces got a new sewing machine for Christmas and was going to toss her old one. I'm going to take it off her hands!! I'm just thrilled!! I'm going to have her come over for lunch sometime this week or next and show me the ins and outs of it. I already hopped online and ordered some fabric!! Fun, fun, fun!!

I better scurry aound for a bit while my kids are napping (I already snuck one in!!) so I can get back to my coasters that are waiting to be finished!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

When life gets busy

and words fail me, the blog is the first thing I drop off my to do list. Sad, but true.

It's been nuts around here. I don't like it when life gets so busy. It's hard to find time to unwind. Every day has been packed full of stuff. Oh well, at least we're still kickin'!

Some of the busy-ness is self induced. Last night I invited a few friends over for lunch today. I was obviously delusional about my house was clean enough for guests. Ha Ha, yeah right! Boy, did I scurry around this morning (my kids followed behind and attempted to un-do all I did!) Good thing they were close friends, I just did what I could. I knew it would get messed up again anyway, so I didn't stress so bad. It made me realize how much I've been slacking on my diggy cleaning. Stuff other than the basic bathrooms and floors. It made me resolve to keep up on it. Time to get back on a schedule around here!

It was good to have those girls over though because they helped me finalize the design for the pictures above my fireplace! Sweetness! I'll take a picture of it when it's all done. A few more sets of eyes are always a good thing when it comes to designing something like long as they've got the eyes for design.

I've rested long enough! Time to hit it again!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Go Figure

  • When Hubby leaves for the weekend, Baby takes over his spot in bed. He comes home and she lets her displeasure at getting kicked out of bed known at 2:00 am.
  • A "blogging inspiration" hits me around 2:37 am just as soon as I get Wiggly Baby to sleep on my chest. I can't get up and write it down, after all I don't hardly dare breathe in case she wakes up.
  • I just sit down to catch up on blogging when Baby starts crying, another needs her diaper changed, Son #1 is wanting a haircut (at 8:36 am? whatever!), Daughter #3 wants to go to the post office "RIGHT NOW!"...
  • When supper boils over in the oven, causing just enough smoke to set off one smoke alarm, the one that goes off just has to be the one at the top of the vault in the living room. As I stand on a bar stool and wave a broom at it, trying to clear the smoke, I accidentally hit it and pop the battery door open. It stops squealing, but now how to get the door shut again? Enter tall husband, who when standing on the same stool (I'm no longer on it) is able to push the door shut with the broom. Whew! (true story from three months ago! I was flying around trying to figure out how to get it so be quiet. I didn't need the neighbors calling the fire department on us!)
  • The toaster and coffee pot huddle together in the kitchen conspiring to both go kaput two days apart. Not funny! (happened to us about 6 months ago, they must have decided our kitchen needed a makeover!)
  • Everytime I run errands, I either get a cart that squeaks like a stuck pig or one that pulls hard to the right or left.
  • When one light bulb goes out, about three others do too. (In this house it only takes one of us to change a light bulb...)

It's just life! Gotta love it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sometimes the title fails me...

unless I have a good idea of what I want to write about. But today I don't so...proceed at your own risk.

I spent the afternoon yesterday taking pictures of light switch covers and magnets. We literally have a bucket full of each. I want to spread them out between our Etsy store and our Lollishops site. Can't list new products if you don't have the pictures to go along with them! Thankfully my camera battery died before my baby woke up. I guess 259 pictures wasn't so bad! Here are some shots:

I checked in on the treasury at about lunchtime today and noticed the number of lists were getting down there. I was thinking that I should attempt to get a treasury...turns out I was peacefully snoozing when they opened. Woke up and the number of lists were back to 600 something. Oh well, the nap felt great! (my baby has been a little fussy lately. I'm not sure what her deal is. Any extra sleep at this point is a bonus.)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have my new perfume on today.

It's called "Princess MJ by Baby Love". It's all natural, 100% organic, no preservatives or additives (only a little stomach acids mixed in). I've been wearing it several times a day, rain (or snow) or shine for a month now. It gets applied, whether I like it or not and no matter how much I'm covered by a blanket, by the Princess of the House. No questions asked! The packaging it comes in is top of the line...doesn't get much sweeter or more precious!

My only request is that it have a better scent to it. Kinda stinky!

In other mabel was featured on a blog on Sunday. Click here for the link...I decided to put an ad on her blog. It was very reasonably priced. I also like her thoughts on advertising and may decide to use some of her ideas.

One thing I love about Etsy is that most of the other artists are more than willing to help each other out. For example the advertising ideas from Isty Bitsy Bracelets. I woke up this morning to two congratulatory convos. Guess we were on the front page this morning. How sweet is that?! I would never have known if those two wouldn't have let me know. Hasn't translated into any sales yet today but any bit of exposure is great!

My perfume supplier is demanding attention. Time for me to sign off! Happy day to all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I had a moment of panic

with this blanket yesterday. I happened to check my PayPal account in the afternoon (I'm waiting for payment on an order) and saw a payment in there from a name that I didn't recognize. Meaning, I didn't remember receiving notification that this person has placed an order. We have product listed on three different sites and most of it is the same product. It was a risk I was willing to take although all of our stuff are one-of-a-kinds. This thinking almost came back to bite me in the rump yesterday when I couldn't figure out which site it sold from. This blanket was listed on both Etsy and Lollishops. Turns out there was a glitch on both Lollishops and PayPal so I didn't receive notification from either site. (PayPal has only been sending me an e-mail when they take money out of my account, not when they put it in. Go figure!) Whew! Disaster averted! Had I not checked my PayPal...I shutter to think of the mess it could have created!
Lesson learned! Starting now, I will only list each product on one site. I'll just have to link the sites somehow, so our shoppers will know where they can find more of our product.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A few thoughts

as I wait for my baby to settle in for her long afternoon nap. As soon as she settles, I'm crawling in! Can't wait!
  • My computer is moving at a snail's pace today. I've GOT to get that external hard drive! Maybe I should run and pick one up tomorrow. I'm just petrified my computer will crash on me. The external hard drive will be our "band aid" for now.
  • I tried to put a PayPal storefront on my blog today. Not cool. First of all, you only get one teeny tiny picture per listing. Then the shipping costs are based on dollar amount, not weight. Lastly, in order to get a picture on there, you first have to upload it to Photobucket, Flickr or the like and then copy and paste the link to your storefront. What can I say...I'm lazy! Who knows, I still may get a wild hair and do it someday. Right now, it feels like I have so many irons in the fire and that one is the first one go come out! The thought was nice anyway.
  • I decided to try some Google advertising. I'm going to have a discreet little ad box on the blog (I hemmed and hawed about this one) and hope the advertising will pay for itself. I'm also considering a few Project Wonderful (another advertising venue) spots too. Once again, my laziness is rearing it's ugly head. Promoting on my own is hard work so every little bit will help. I'll try it for a few months and see how it goes. Granted this time of year is hard for any type of sales but one never knows...

Baby's little rump has quit wiggling. I think she's out! I only have about an hour before the school kids will be home. I better hit the sheets while I can!

Later then!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whew! What a rush!

Today I decided to "stalk" the treasury and wait for a spot to open. It was so bad that I almost skipped my afternoon nap just so I could get one. I fell alseep and woke up just as the Treasury West lists hit 222. Two more minutes and I had myself a treasury! It was one of my goals for this year to figure out how to make a treasury. Easy street! Now I just have to figure out how to get a screen shot on here. Bear with me.

Here's the link anyway...For the Love of Circles!

For those of you who don't know what a treasury is, it's a "grouping" of some of your favorites that is dispayed for the general public to view. The list only stays active for a few days. One of the goals of a treasury creator is to make it to the front page. You all better get over to mine and click on the pictures and leave a comment!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here she is!

I told you last week that one of our friends recently opened up her own Etsy shop. Here she is...Red Wagon Kids. She has some darling photography and even cuter clothing in her shop! Watch out all you with girls, you may not be able to resist these outfits!

Now you all better get over there and check it out! Looks like it's selling fast so hurry up!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I sometimes forget

that I'm no longer the boss of my own house anymore. That position now belongs to the squalling behind this Innocent Looking Face. Gotta love her though! I mean, look at those little toes! Precious!
This is one of the blankets JB sent down with my mom and dad. I'll let you know when I get it listed. It's beautiful!!

I woke up this morning feeling really ambitious, ready to tackle a whole list of items. Little Peanut had other ideas. Once I finally got her settled for her morning nap, I was able to get the mountain of laundry folded and mostly put away. That's it. No more. I just need to keep reminding myself something my mom once said. Something like, "Have you hugged your kids today? Well, then you've accomplished something." So true. I did snuggle with my kids today. Oh, and I did get some pictures taken of Babes.

I was trying to take some pictures of her for my mom. I had her down to her diaper and she was not a happy camper. Try taking close ups of flailing arms, legs and onesies thrown onto her by her next oldest sister. Sorry, Mom! I'll have to try again.

Here it is, supper time. We have Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards going on tonight. We're down to basically nothing. I've sweet talked my oldest girls into watching baby while I tried to brew up something. Eggs are a mom's best friend on a night like tonight. I threw some muffins in the oven (banana choc chip since I have a whole rotton banana tree in my freezer, waiting to be used.) and while they baked, I took a shower. (quite the life, huh?) After the muffins were done, I made an egg bake. As soon as I put it in the oven and was loading the dishwasher (that's right, dishes still hadn't gotten done) my oldest came down and said , "Just in case you're wondering where baby is, she's sleeping in her carseat." She's hired! Sweet! Since my priorities are in order, (you know, blog first, clean later) I snuck in my office to update this blog and upload pictures from earlier.
All good things must come to an end. Here she comes ready for me to take her back. Feeding time at the Zoo!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Behind the lens

I went this afternoon. My husband's 21 year old niece came over to model for me. Talk about a good time! I was missing my nice big south facing windows in our old house though. I haven't gotten the pictures from today's shoot uploaded yet so I'm not sure if we had any luck or not.

I am also thinking about getting a different freebie photo editing program other than Picasa. Don't even bother asking why I don't something like Photoshop yet. Let's just say our computer is a dinosaur. Okay, not really, but I want to get a new computer before I getting any decent programs. I'm too worried about this beast crashing on me if I do it now. A new computer requires saving pennies and our couch cushions have coughed up all they can at this point!

I got an e-mail from a friend from MN who opened her own Etsy shop a few months ago! I'll show you her shop this coming week sometime. It's absolutely darling!!

Since I've done absolutely nothing around the house today, I better sign off and at least make the attempt to accomplish something!

Be good!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Is this considered "cheating"?

I have always made thank you cards for everyone who has given us baby gifts. This time I'm not. I'm "wimping" out and instead ordered this set of one sided note cards from BrellaBaby. I took a picture of babes and converted it to black and white. I'll crop it down to 3x3" and then add her "vitals". Viola! Done in no time. It almost seems too easy though. Part of the fun of making your own thank you's is going shopping for the supplies. Touching everything, matching all the pieces, etc. Given the fact that the nearest scrapbook store is an hour away, it takes part of the fun out of making them myself. I know I could shop online, but it's just not the same for this project. Plus, I'd rather get them done sooner than later. I don't like having it hanging over my head.