Friday, January 2, 2009

Is this considered "cheating"?

I have always made thank you cards for everyone who has given us baby gifts. This time I'm not. I'm "wimping" out and instead ordered this set of one sided note cards from BrellaBaby. I took a picture of babes and converted it to black and white. I'll crop it down to 3x3" and then add her "vitals". Viola! Done in no time. It almost seems too easy though. Part of the fun of making your own thank you's is going shopping for the supplies. Touching everything, matching all the pieces, etc. Given the fact that the nearest scrapbook store is an hour away, it takes part of the fun out of making them myself. I know I could shop online, but it's just not the same for this project. Plus, I'd rather get them done sooner than later. I don't like having it hanging over my head.

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