Friday, December 27, 2013

Project 52, Week 52

Project 52, Week 52
Theme: Twinkling Lights
When you take an egg carton,
cut out each "holder",
add some silver glitter,
a silver bell and a light blue ribbon,
you get a sparkling ornament.
When the sunlight hits is just right,
you get a twinkling of lights against the wall.
Such a magical effect from such a humble beginning.
Linking up to Maaret for our last week of this year!
Thanks to all who joined us and followed us each week!
It's been a fun year!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Project 52, Week 51

Project 52, Week 51
Theme: Cold
I almost screwed up on this one, thinking our theme was different.
I guess the pictures I took will work for the theme of cold.
My 2nd grader was able to take home the class snake for Winter Break.
He was one of three students who brought back a signed permission slip from home
and who earned the chance for their name to be entered into the snake sitting drawing.
I still can't believe I signed the form and his name got drawn.
We went to his classroom on Thursday after school to get a crash coarse on snake sitting.
It should be pretty easy.
The teacher told us the snake seeks warmth so it burrows under these wood shavings.
If you hold it, it crawls towards the nearest heat source (which is usually a body)
so it doesn't get cold.
(There. I used cold. A bit of a stretch but I did it. :) )
I don't think it will be coming out of it's cage much.
I'm paranoid of it getting loose and getting lost in our house.

I couldn't resist adding this picture of him putting water in the snake's dish.
He's been taking this responsibility very seriously.
Linking up to Maaret.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Project 52, Week 50

Project 52, Week 50
Theme: Tradition
The picture this week is of an "accidental" tradition and
not one that was necessarily started on purpose.
For the past 11 years, we've put the same star on the top of our Christmas tree.
It's not one that I totally love and I think I bought it
because it was the only one left in the store that year.
I keep meaning to buy a new one but still haven't gotten around to it.
In the meantime, it goes back on the tree and is crooked half the time.
For the past 8 or so years, our oldest son's wooden drum ornament
has hung on one of the branches right under the star.
He was given the ornament from his Godparents when he was 2
and has always wanted it hung way up high so the other kids can't touch it.
Linking up to Maaret.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Project 52, Week 49

Project 52, Week 49
Theme: Intangibles
I had to look up what exactly the word "intangible" meant.
Here is what said:
lacking substance or reality; incapable of being touched or seen
I ended up taking a picture of a light bulb because an idea
starts out as an intangible thing.
Once the idea is put into a physical form or carried out in some manner,
it then become tangible.
I'm sure Ms. Maaret, the school teacher will correct me if I'm wrong.
(Even if I am wrong, at least I got a picture taken that is close enough to the theme. :) )

Friday, November 29, 2013

Project 52, Week 48

Project 52, Week 48
Theme: Satisfaction
Last week was quite the week.
Crazy, doesn't even begin to describe it.
I was completely snowed under with orders,
my husband was out of town,
I spent three days dealing with vehicle issues,
we were starting to make the final push for our craft sale, etc.
I was racing the clock every day and losing most days.
My craft room started out a mess on Monday,
but as the week progressed, it got worse and worse.
At some point, I didn't even bother trying to put things away.
 Yikes! I still can't believe I took a picture and I'm actually showing it to you.
My stress level would rise just walking in here.
(Somehow, by turning this to black and white, it looks a little better.)
So Thursday night, I spent several hours digging out.
Ahhhh. The sweet satisfaction of time well spent.
I can see my floor again.
I can find my table again.
Almost everything is in it's place.
Linking up to Maaret.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Project 52, Week 47

Project 52, Week 47
Theme: Nature
On Sunday, my kids wanted to go hiking.
It's not hard to grant that wish when we have such lovely weather in November
and so many hikes near our house to do at this time of year.
Maaret always has great nature pictures. Go check it out.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Project 52, Week 46

Project 52, Week 46
Theme: Be Still
Be still my child and give me a moment to set the baby down
before I get you out of your high chair.
There is no need to start tossing your leftover food,
plate, cup and spoon over the side of your chair.
Linking up with Maaret again.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Project 52, Week 45

Project 52, Week 45
Theme: Texture
A friend recently gave me a utensil holder with a bird on the top of it.
I love the texture of the bird.
I have it on the window sill above my kitchen sink
and I plan to put flowers in it instead of utensils.
Off to Maaret's blog you go!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Project 52, Week 44

Project 52, Week 44
Theme: Hands and Feet
We've had our slack line set up for a week or so.
It requires steady feet, great balance,
concentration. It's a full body workout!
Al is getting really good at it.
She is the only who can turn around in the middle of the line
and walk back to the starting point.
One more for ya.
I saw my little girls playing "Bubblegum, bubblegum in a dish..."
and couldn't resist a picture. I just love little hands and feet!
I'm linking up to Maaret again this month. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Project 52, Week 43

Project 52, Week43
Theme: Looking Down
Oh sweet Baby Boy!
He's starting to be more content to sit in his swing
 for short periods of time in the mornings.
He's such a treasure!
Linking up to Maaret.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Project 52, Week 42

Project 52, Week 42
Theme: Storyboard
This week was a bit of a fail for me.
I had taken pictures of a Father vs. Son/Friend football in the back yard
on Saturday but didn't like the shooting conditions back there.
 It's cluttered with toys, houses, mail boxes, electrical boxes, shade, sun, etc.
I had intended to reshoot all this week but with sick kids, doctor appointments, evening activities
 by Thursday I was finally tackling what I needed to get done on Monday.
Instead of skipping this week, I'm going to use the football pictures anyway.
I didn't have time to put them in a storyboard frame.
T hikes the ball to C,
and takes off running.
He blows past his Dad, heading for the end zone.
C hangs out in the backfield, waiting for him to get open.
T is giddy at what C has up his sleeve. 
Quarterback sneak! T is watching Dad's face to see if he notices.
Nope, he didn't, much to the delight of T.
Touchdown for the boys!!
Linking up with Maaret.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Project 52, Week 41

Project 52, Week 41
Theme: Wrinkles
The dreary, rainy weather put a wrinkle into our plans for a morning walk,
so I worked on ironing out the wrinkles in the fabric for an order instead.
(photo taken under less than stellar lighting conditions)
Rumor has it that Maaret has some sneaky pictures full of wrinkles...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Project 52, Week 40

Project 52, Week 40
Theme: Movement
I took some of my middle kids on a hike on Sunday.
They are troopers and have way more energy than I do.
Here they are, running up a steep part of the trail.
This month I'm linking up to Maaret.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Project 52, Week 39

Project 52, Week 39
Theme: Sweet
For this week I decided to use sweet as in a sweet treat.
I made a chocolate cake last Friday.
By Monday, there was still 1/2 of it left and
 none of the kids were very interested in eating it.
Instead of throwing it away, I decided to dress it up
and had my daughter layer it with cool whip and chocolate pudding.
The result?
It was gobbled up by all.
(I promise I didn't stage this picture. I just clicked away as she ate.
 I love how she looks like she starving hungry and devouring her cake.)
Except for me. I decided it sounded too sweet 
so I had a pulla donut instead. :)
Linking up to Amber.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Project 52, Week 38

Project 52, Week 38
Theme: Outside the Line
I've been told that here in CO,
if a fruit tree has branches hanging outside the property line
it's fair game for anyone to pick.
To be on the safe side, we pick trees that are hanging over fences
on the edge of huge fields.
Some apple trees are ready to pick.
Applesauce anyone?
Circle over to Marcy's blog.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Project 52, Week 37

Project 52, Week 37
Theme: Emotion
I took these pictures without the intent of using them for this week.
However, these are the only pictures I took for the entire week.
Sad, but true.
Luckily, they fit the theme even if they aren't the most clear, bright and focused pictures.
At least my Subject is adorable!
To say this Dolly loves peaches would be a bit of an understatement.
Like father, like daughter.
One evening, he was sharing his peach with her.
She literally had peach juice from head to toe and was loving every bite.
I grabbed my camera and was shooting from right behind my husband's left ear.
I think he may have been a bit annoyed at me, but I didn't care. :)
 Anticipation of the next slice of peach coming her way.
 Excitement that it's getting closer...
She shoves it in her mouth, watching the rest of the peach like a hawk,
 worried it will be gone before she gets another bite.
Elation when he went to get another one
(stomping her feet, clapping her hands and squealing).
Linking up to Marcy.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Project 52, Week 36

Project 52, Week 36
Theme: The Golden Hour
This week I am settling for a picture that isn't great,
but is good enough. 
Throughout this whole year, I've tried to take my picture during the week of each theme,
 if I can, rather than relying on using a previously taken picture. 
You'd think in sunny Colorado, getting a picture at the golden hour would be a piece of cake.
But all week long I battled clouds or a couple nights I was on the road at the magic hour 
and missed the prime time.
I tried one more time on Thursday night and still had to wait for 
the sun to come out from behind clouds at times. 

I would have liked this picture to be a bit lighter but as I 
was snapping away I seemed to forget all I knew about taking pictures in this setting. 
Such is life. :)

This girl spends hours playing in the backyard,
where the kids have build a tree fort.
This month, I'm linking up to Marcy.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Project 52, Week 35

Project 52, Week 35
Theme: the table at mealtime
Our table at mealtime is anything but calm, cool and collected.
Here's one of the main culprits, up to no good again.
She finished her plate and moved onto her baby sister's plate.
It's a good thing she's so cute!
This is the last week I'm linking up to Amber. Off you go!

Monday, August 26, 2013

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Project 52, Week 34

Project 52, Week 34
Theme: Worth a Thousand Words
This week's theme had me stumped.
It could be interpreted a whole bunch of different ways.
Last week when I'd wake up from my afternoon naps, I'd be greeted by this sight...
My heart would swell with love for him as
 I looked at his sweet innocence and perfectness
and thought about how much he already means to this family
 in just this short amount of time since he joined this family.
To me, this picture is worth a thousand words and so much more!
Linking up to Amber.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Project 52, Week 33

Project 52, Week 33
Theme: Inspiring
As the weather starts to cool off and
my husband brings home fresh peaches from the orchards in Palisade,
I start to get inspired for baking and canning.
Both of which are hard to find the motivation for when it's hot outside.
Off to Amber's blog you go!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Project 52, Week 32

Project 52, Week 32
Theme: Clouds

Summer afternoon thunderstorms in the mountains.
They make for some pretty dramatic clouds.
Continue over to Amber's blog.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Project 52, Week 31

Project 52, Week 31
Theme: Travel

This is what sort of travel we do with kids.

Haul the camper out to National Forest Land, pop it up and let the kids run wild.
It's easy, relatively close to home (between 2-3 hours)
 and almost always stunningly beautiful!
It's already August. Where does time go?
I'm linking up to Amber this month.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Project 52, Week 30

Project 52, Week 30
Theme: Sunset
No words are needed when it come to the beauty of a sunset.
I can pretty much guarantee Maaret captured a great sunset!
Go see for yourself.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Project 52, Week 29

Project 52, Week 29
Theme: Water
We had some friends from WA visiting us this past weekend.
On Sunday, we took them up to Maroon Bells and hiked up to Crater Lake.
Dipping toes into the water always feels great after a hike.
I'm linking up again with Maaret.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Project 52, Week 28

Project 52, Week 28
Theme: Made with Love
I don't think my kids realize how lucky they are to have Grandmas
 who are both creative and make keepsakes for each of them.
Each one is made with love and loved by the kids.
My Mom has made each of the kids a
 personalized ornament for Christmas the last few years.
They squeal with delight when they open them.
My Mother-in-Law makes each baby a blanket when
 (or before) they are born.
These blankets are also treasured and used often.
Off you to go visit Maaret.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Project 52, Week 27

Project 52, Week 27
Theme: My Country
I am not home this week so I scheduled a blog post for this week's theme,
using a picture from a trip to San Francisco earlier this year.
Seeing the flag flying high always gives me goosebumps.
May God bless America!
I'm linking up to Maaret this month.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Project 52, Week 26

Project 52, Week 26
Theme: Father
A father out camping with his family.
Taking the baby for a ride on his shoulders when she gets cranky.
I love this guy!
One last week of linking up to Keilah's blog.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Project 52, Week 25

Project 52, Week 25
Theme: Silhouette
A couple interesting trees, or stick or whatever the one on the left is,
 and a dramatic sky while out hiking on evening.
Continue the circle to Keilah's blog.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Project 52, Week 24

Project 52, Week 24
Theme: Stranger
A father and his son playing at the park one night.
I was trying to be sneaky when I was taking this picture
because I didn't want them to know they were my subjects.
My daughter was swinging on the tire swing
so I pretended I was taking pictures of her. :)
This week I'm linking up to Anita.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Project 52, Week 23

Project 52, Week 23
Theme: Details
My brother got married a couple of weeks ago.
The wedding was at 8pm in the yard the Bride's Parents' home.
Little details such as
a bonfire and lights hung from the trees
gave it such a cozy feeling.
I'm linking up to Keilah this month. Here is her blog.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Project 52, Week 22

Project 52, Week 22
Theme: Technology
I love technology as much as the next guy
but sometimes you just need a break from it.
Recently, my husband and I spent a long weekend in California.
Our goal was to get some R & R, so we shut off our phones for the most part.
The only time we used his was when we needed his map app.
Boy, did that come in handy time and time again!
Every once in a while, during the weekend,
I would think about getting a picture with his phone in it,
but then I'd get distracted or not have the right setting, etc.
It wasn't until our last day there that I realized I never took a picture.
We were walking back to our resort after watching the sunset
when I spotted this sign.
I had him scan it out of curiosity to see how much it costs to rent a beachfront condo in that area.
(Our resort was just across the street from the ocean, which was good enough for me.)
It never did say how much it costs, it just directed us to the toll free number.
Darn. Oh well.
I'm linking up to Marcy's blog again this week. Pop on over there to check it out.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Project 52, Week 21

Project 52, Week 21
Theme: Laugh

Another weekend.
More family in town visiting.
A lazy morning.
A couple of the kids' friends over.

An Uncle making up the story as he reads a book to a captive audience.
Laughs, laughs and more laughs.
Life is good.
What makes Marcy laugh? Head over to her blog to see.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Project 52, Week 20

Project 52, Week 20
Theme: Mother
A mother comes to town to visit her sons.
The mother happens to be my Husband's sister.
We take them on a hike.
The son pointing out the sights and landmarks to his mother.
Mothering is not limited to just her own kids.
She held the hands of my girls and helped them along while we hiked.
Continue the circle to Jessica's blog.