Monday, January 5, 2009

I sometimes forget

that I'm no longer the boss of my own house anymore. That position now belongs to the squalling behind this Innocent Looking Face. Gotta love her though! I mean, look at those little toes! Precious!
This is one of the blankets JB sent down with my mom and dad. I'll let you know when I get it listed. It's beautiful!!

I woke up this morning feeling really ambitious, ready to tackle a whole list of items. Little Peanut had other ideas. Once I finally got her settled for her morning nap, I was able to get the mountain of laundry folded and mostly put away. That's it. No more. I just need to keep reminding myself something my mom once said. Something like, "Have you hugged your kids today? Well, then you've accomplished something." So true. I did snuggle with my kids today. Oh, and I did get some pictures taken of Babes.

I was trying to take some pictures of her for my mom. I had her down to her diaper and she was not a happy camper. Try taking close ups of flailing arms, legs and onesies thrown onto her by her next oldest sister. Sorry, Mom! I'll have to try again.

Here it is, supper time. We have Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards going on tonight. We're down to basically nothing. I've sweet talked my oldest girls into watching baby while I tried to brew up something. Eggs are a mom's best friend on a night like tonight. I threw some muffins in the oven (banana choc chip since I have a whole rotton banana tree in my freezer, waiting to be used.) and while they baked, I took a shower. (quite the life, huh?) After the muffins were done, I made an egg bake. As soon as I put it in the oven and was loading the dishwasher (that's right, dishes still hadn't gotten done) my oldest came down and said , "Just in case you're wondering where baby is, she's sleeping in her carseat." She's hired! Sweet! Since my priorities are in order, (you know, blog first, clean later) I snuck in my office to update this blog and upload pictures from earlier.
All good things must come to an end. Here she comes ready for me to take her back. Feeding time at the Zoo!


Angie said...

How cute is that blanket?

Sock Monkey Jungle said...

this is classy fun and kinda gorgeous :) you do some lovely work! :O)