Monday, January 12, 2009

I had a moment of panic

with this blanket yesterday. I happened to check my PayPal account in the afternoon (I'm waiting for payment on an order) and saw a payment in there from a name that I didn't recognize. Meaning, I didn't remember receiving notification that this person has placed an order. We have product listed on three different sites and most of it is the same product. It was a risk I was willing to take although all of our stuff are one-of-a-kinds. This thinking almost came back to bite me in the rump yesterday when I couldn't figure out which site it sold from. This blanket was listed on both Etsy and Lollishops. Turns out there was a glitch on both Lollishops and PayPal so I didn't receive notification from either site. (PayPal has only been sending me an e-mail when they take money out of my account, not when they put it in. Go figure!) Whew! Disaster averted! Had I not checked my PayPal...I shutter to think of the mess it could have created!
Lesson learned! Starting now, I will only list each product on one site. I'll just have to link the sites somehow, so our shoppers will know where they can find more of our product.

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Greetingfriends said...

I really like your Etsy shop. Next time I do a treasury On Etsy or on my blog, I would like to pick one of your items-(red polka dot bag or a sign