Monday, June 8, 2009

Where has the day gone?

Geesh! Could time slow down, just for a bit? Here it is, already suppertime and I still haven't had a chance to update today. We went camping this past weekend and as usual I have mountains of work to do.

In the interest of time and potential boredom, I'll spare you the rundown of the weekend. I'll just say that we had a lot of fun despite the cruddy weather. I'm sure the people we went with were wondering how they found themselves out in the cold with a family of cranks. I feel like we (our family) all whined the entire weekend. So be it!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. We were on our way back home and stopped at an overlook to have one last bonfire and roast some hotdogs. I love the view from this point!!

I got two packages of lining fabric to use for pouches from this afternoon. Our almost-five year old got to open the packages and take the stickers off each piece. (quite a treat for her!) She then decided to lay them all out on the floor and roll each one into a pulla. (A type of Finnish coffee cake of sorts. She made them one time with my sister and it was a total hit. She "makes" them out of anything that she can roll up.) I love how her tongue is hanging out of her mouth as she concentrates on her pulla.

Shhhh!! Don't tell my husband that I did find a few minutes today to put together this pile of magnets. It honestly didn't take me very long and I've been itching to do it for a week now. I've been wanting to make more magnets out of some of the quotes we've used for signs. Cross that off my to-do list! Yay!! Now I have to remember to snap pictures of them tomorrow morning.

One night at church I was given a starter for Amish Friendship Bread. I've tried making it before but have lost interest after day 5 or so. She happened to be standing next to me so I handed it off to her and told her it was her "baby". She was pretty pleased to have a project to do all by herself. Today was baking day (only two days late, due to camping). I did help out with adding the ingredients to help keep the mess to a minimum. Her brother was quite green with envy and now wants to do his own loaf. We'll see, his attention span for this sort of thing isn't as long as hers. I'm quite impressed with how well she did with it.

I still want to know if it was the Amish's (is that how I would say it?) idea to add the instant vanilla pudding on baking day or if is was someone else's. If in the heck to they know about instant vanilla pudding? (What can I say, I'm a skeptic!)

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Flight Fancy said...

That looks like so much fun! I love baking with the kids. Who cares whos idea the pudding was...if it was good, go with it :)