Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lizzie wants to know

if I've made any progress on my list yet.


#1 & #2: Nope, nada, haven't touched them yet.

#3: I ordered him some Teva sandals off of REI outlet. They were less than $5! Couldn't pass them up!! I was going to have them shipped to a store (free shipping) but I saw that it would be a few weeks before they'd get there so I decided to have them shipped here. I was pleased that there happened to be a promo where if you bought Teva brand you got free shipping! Yay!

#4: As I was finding his sandals, I looked at the Womens section and bought myself a pair of Reef flip flops for less than $10. Piggybacked on his free shipping and I was a happy camper. Now if I could only find myself some dress sandals. Ditto for him.

#5: I'm two for two in the exercise department. I'm still trying to decide if I count my 20 minute walk yesterday as exercise...

#6: Got the pile of clothes on the chair folded and put away. Haven't started to wash any new loads yet. Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow! :)

#7: Magnets? Done, photographed but not yet listed. I'm still working on editing them.

Two done, 8 to go.

#8: Haven't touched this area either. It's only Tuesday after all!

I did take the kids to the lake today. We only had about an hour to swim before we had to get back home. As I was leaving to come home, I decided that I either have to start going weekly or stop going altogether. My three youngest were pretty cranky.


Cindy and Mindy said...

You'd better get to work, missy!!!!!
I'm not sharing my list b/c it's too long. But I have finished 4 of the list that I've made.

StudioHaus said...

I like your magnets! Good luck with your list : )