Thursday, June 18, 2009

Which end is up?

You ever feel like that? I do, more often than not.

Help me out on this one...

Should this go this way?

Or this way? I really can't decide.

Our power went out for a bit this afternoon, just as I was going to blog. No, that's not my lame excuse. It really did go out.

  • I figure it's a great opportunity to put a coat of sealer on the light switch covers I had started the other day.
  •'s actually not a very smart idea.
  • No water to rinse out brushes=ruined brushes.
  • I pick up my book to start reading.
  • Then I remember I should be finding paper for a custom order.
  • I started digging thru my paper, only to get sidetracked by some that would be perfect for coasters.
  • (Every time I decide I'm done doing coasters, a set of them sells and I'm fired up to make more.)
  • I spread those out on the floor with my drawer of embellishments only to remember that,
  • I need to pay bills.
  • I get the bills into mailbox.
  • The power comes back on.
  • I e-mail customer paper options.
  • I start blogging.
  • The power goes out again. (I hope my blog post is saved!!)
  • The power comes back on.
  • While waiting for my computer to fire up, I put a coat of sealer on the light switch covers.
  • Log into my blog.
  • Phew, blog post was saved.
  • I sit here and look at my mess of uncompleted projects surrounding me.
  • I need to start supper.
  • I listen to the thunder rumble outside the bedroom window.
  • I need a nap.

Which way is up again?!? ;)


Beth said...

What a day! ;) For the record, I think the swirls should be on the bottom swirling up.

Cindy and Mindy said...

Bottom makes more sense, but I'm a rule breaker, so I'd go with the top.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

The 1st picture gets my vote!

Lizzy said...

Bottom swirling up!
Your day sounds like my days are every day!

befriendmantic said...

I guess we're not helping much with your decision here, since it's split pretty evenly, but I think I like it better with the swirls on top.

Although, it really could go either way. Maybe you could market it like that?

Rae said...

I'm late, but I just found your blog. I like the top swirling down. (ist pic) very pretty, by the way.