Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm spoiled

and I know it! (I'll try not to be a spoiled brat though!!)

After lunch I was

while in the kitchen this was happening...

Yep! My oldest two girls, organizing cupboards to their hearts content. It's actually quite amazing that they're both doing it, usually it's just my oldest (the one with the dreaded Tupperware cupboard).

She at least organizes quietly, does it neatly and loving every minute of it. I try to give her one organizing job a week because it's totally her "thing". She'll sometimes ask if she can organize, clean or bake something for me. (Told you I'm spoiled!)

Her sister (the one with her head in the pantry) dishes out "abuse" while she rummages thru her assigned cupboard.

"Seriously Mom, we have enough paper plates. You don't have to buy any more!"

"Looks like we have wild rice so you don't have to get any." (thanks, I just picked that up at City Market yesterday since soup is on the menu for the week. I may be scatterbrained, but not that much.)

"Ugh! Isn't this box of crackers nasty by now? It's been sitting in here, like, forever!"

"Check this out! Moldy bread! Disgusting!" (shrieking loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear)

This girl isn't into cleaning much, spewing complaints the entire time she's doing her jobs. Hand her a baby to bounce and she's as happy as a clam. Fine by me, but I still make her do her daily chores. (I'm such a mean mom!)

I've got it made in the shade. I have a cleaner and a baby lover. What more could a person want? :)


Cindy and Mindy said...

Great post. I actually can hear her. I am a HUGE organizer, and when I ask my 14 year old to help do anything like straighten the garage etc., he acts the same way. On the other hand, he is like me sometimes, b/c he gets something new, and has to do a thorough 'redesign' of his entire room.
Thanks for sharing. Oh, and BTW....the fabric is gorgeous! Is that the set that you ordered from your recent post?

Tommye said...

Gotta love those left-brained organizing children! (I'm one myself.) Just think how much easier her life will be. And I guess we know where the younger one gets her mouth! I've only been reading you for a couple of weeks now and I can already recognize your personality in her. What a great family. You are spoiled. Congratulations.


able mabel said...

Cindy and Mindy~ Nope, those are my "oldies but goodies".

Tommye~ Do you really think she gets it from me? (the mouth) Here I thought it was from her dad. ;)

jen said...

Send 'em over here when they're tired of cleaning your place...I sure could use 'em!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Amazing children, indeed!!

Love your blog.