Monday, June 29, 2009


Yesterday we were on our way to a picnic when our ever-thoughtful 8 year old pipes up, "What's the date tomorrow?" I answered, "The 28th." She announced, "Sweet, it's Little Miss K's birthday tomorrow." I gasped and Hubby and I looked at each other and burst out in a sheepish "oops" sort of giggle.

I had totally forgotten! For some reason I always have a hard time remembering the date of her birthday. I'll blame it on the busyness of summer. ;) At least she's only 2 so I have years a head of me to get used to the date!
My kids would love it if we went all out for birthdays, but alas, we don't.

They get a cake or cupcakes of their choosing,

but no banners. (As I'm typing this, I all of a sudden thought how easy it would be to have the kid make a banner for their own birthday. It might be a good activity and it would be something to make it a little more special.)

On their birthday, they get to choose what to have for dinner. More often than least for the younger kids.

They also get a day off from any jobs they may have that day. Something they can't resist rubbing in when it's time for the other to do their jobs.

Now about that birthday cake still to be made...

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Cindy and Mindy said...

She is ADORABLE!!!! It looks like it was a fun, yummy birthday party!