Saturday, June 27, 2009

She's got it made in the shade!

How often do you get to eat grapes with lunch in your "fwin soup" (inside out and backwards no less), clutching your Dolly, with not only one but two "pluggas" on your tray? She's got it rough, man!
But wait! I forgot to peel the grapes for her! ;)
She is the cat's meow and she knows it. (The "cat" around here has a lot of "meows".)
We had round two with the blankets this morning. This session went much better. Sweetie Pie, of course, did her usual rolling over... but we made it thru all 8 blankets.
I sometimes have to remind myself that it's the blankets I'm selling, not the baby. So while I got some fun, candid shots of her, they did nothing for the blanket.
Instead I tried to get the two-for-one (cute baby plus showcasing the blanket).


Chet and Laura said...

Avery calls her swimsuit her zoop-zoop. K can say it better it sounds like.

Audrey said...

Such sweeties!! The blanket is really cute.

Cindy and Mindy said...

Great pics, and the little ones are just the sweetest!
Glad that things were cooperating for you this time.

The Giveaway Diva said...

how cute!!

Iris said...

They are so cute!
Love the blanket!