Monday, June 15, 2009

I suppose I should

quit kissing my baby for a bit and blog. You should see her though. Just the sweetest baby around!

Told you she is irresistible! She's being a bit of a stinker today though. I keep trying to put her for a nap but when I go check on her, she's laying there kicking her chubby legs, a gleam in her big blue eyes, grinning at me with the dimple in her cheek. She's no dummy, she knows how to get me to pick her up!

I sold all the humor magnets I had listed on ArtFire yesterday. Don't worry, I have more in the works. Some are the same quotes but some are new ones. I had to order more chipboard. I found some from this seller.

I think I'll like ArtFire. My biggest complaint upfront is the lack of views. Looks like I'll have to work it!! I'm going to start some PW ads, directing traffic there. JB and I have talked about adding various items to our shop but have held off because of one reason or another. Now we won't have to. There aren't as many sellers on ArtFire so I think it'll be easier to be noticed.

What? You mean this isn't a typical morning scene at your house? :)

I'm not sure where this critter came from. He's on the couch, winter hat and all, "playing" Tetris. At one point he looked at me with his big toothy grin and said "Watch Mom, no hands!" Guess he likes to just watch the pieces fall. He's a goofball and a keeper, this one. If this is as daring as his "no hands!" gets, I'm cool with it.

This weekend I only had the three little girls home. Talk about easy street! Hubby had the rest camping with our church's youth group. I was able to sew most of the day on Saturday. I've had this fabric forever but nothing to match it until about a week ago. It's upholstery weight so I'm sure you'll be seeing it again. I made two pouches out of this fabric. One for Etsy and one for ArtFire.

Now back to kissing Babes before I try lay her down again...


Lizzy said...

She is such a little doll, I can see how she would get her way!

Flight Fancy said...

She's a sweetpea to be sure! and I must say I miss the days of goofy outfits...mine are all older and "cooler" now :) Thanks for sharing!

Neoma said...

Nice blog and soo cute little girl!

justmichelle54 said...

Congratulations on your sales at Artfire! We are happy to hear you have just started and already having success with your shop. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact us at :)

The babies are cute :)

Customer Support

Mike said...

Hi. Great looking bag!

Kelly said...

The photos you take are amazing! Do you use a lightbox for the pouch photos?