Monday, June 22, 2009

If I write it down

then maybe, just maybe I'll get around to it!

This week, I am determined to:
  1. Spend one whole day sewing.
  2. Get my daughter's dress cut out and hopefully sewn.
  3. Find some sandals that fit my three year old.
  4. Find some summer sandals for myself.
  5. Workout at least 4 days.
  6. Keep up on laundry.
  7. Finish these magnets, photograph and list them.
  8. Put winter clothes away.

Whew! Looks like quite the list...who am I fooling anyway? :)


Cindy and Mindy said...

I do the same thing. Write my lists and you know, as you think about things to do in just one week, it's amazing how things just seem to pile up!

Moon Spirit Jewelry said...

wow! that is a lot! haha

Lizzy said...

I have a list a mile long too, are you crossing many off yet?
I gave you a shout out for the magnets I purchased. see it here.