Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My head swimmith

(who cares if that isn't a word in "real life". It is in "able mabel life".)

All this talk about SEOs is making my head ache!! I'll try to see if I can explain it...I'll probably biff it quite badly!

When you list a product on any site, the search engines pick up key words in the title of your item, tags and descriptions. Most important is your title. (Am I right so far?) Search engines pick up on key words in the title first. Those sellers that have it all figured out know which words to put into their titles, tags and descriptions so when someone types, say "baby blanket" into a search engines, their items will show up before those of us who are completely clueless!!! (Ummm...that would be me...the completely clueless one.)

Lately the forum board on Etsy has been on full of posts about how Etsy is ruining their shops because they've added in some words to their titles. (For example the title will have something like Handmade Baby on Etsy before the title.) It's quite interesting to read, especially when tempers start flying.

I've stayed out of the whole mess and have begun to "smarten" up my titles. Whew! It's a lot of work!! ArtFire has some great guides that explain it all quite well. I'm thankful for those. I've learned a ton since I've started able mabel in many areas!!

Alright! Who's still awake?!? I'm not, my face hurts from yawning...


madbird said...

Aye, my head swimmith also....;^) Hopefully, soon, we won't have to deal with this anymore!

Cindy and Mindy said...

I did the same thing as you. Just opened my Artfire store today! Hope it will be a new avenue!