Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A spew of happy pictures!

I was going to do a feature today because I figured you didn't really want to hear about my day of cleaning and organizing. (Yawn!!) The artist hasn't gotten back to me yet...I almost posted a picture of my workspace since you can actually see my desk, but it still doesn't look very neat.

So how about items from some of my many favorite sellers? I was browsing thru shops as I was slurping up my dinner of homemade mac 'n cheese (that's what happens when hubby works late, I eat somewhere other than the table!) and I realized green happens to tickle my brain today.

Okay, so this isn't green but it's close enough!

Just plain darlin'! My kids all said "awwwwww! Cute!!!!!" when they saw this picture.

This just makes me flat-out-happy when I look at it! (okay, so it's not totally green either.)

I love the color of this flower! I love green! (in case you haven't figured that out yet.)

I love the photography in this shop! It keeps me inspiried to keep trying to get better and better at my shots.

Dinner's dones and dishes await! Later!! Hope you have a happy evening!!


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Green makes me happy too (recent discovery). So does blue - really happy. And red (in places); and yellow's very, very cheerful! Color is wonderful! (Poor doggies!)

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