Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So, what do you want to hear about today?

  • How every single kid woke up fighting and crabbing this morning, causing me to burn thru almost all my daily allotted patience by 9 am?

  • How I was feeling like this but instead did a half hearted "workout" with the help of my second oldest daughter? I got out my shape magazine, turned to the workout section and had her read me the instructions while I did the exercise. Everyone forgot about being crabby and joined me on the living room rug. I had to play "dodge kid" while I finished the exercises.

  • How, after months of trying, we finally convinced our three year old that since he's a boy, he can (in the event of an emergency) pee outside standing up instead of sitting down on a toilet? Minor detail....he forgot about the "emergency" part and now drops his drawers whenever he feels the need, even if it's in front of a crowd of people. I have a lot of "evidence" of his goofiness for any future girlfriends! (This was taken at the beach today. As he pulled down his drawers, some lady whipped out her camera phone. She saw me coming, immediately put it away looking very sheepish. She said she couldn't resist and that he looked like the Coopertone Kid.)

  • How he still thinks it's winter and comes down every morning dressed in long sleeves and pants? I think I need to hide his "cold" clothes.

  • How we spent a few hours at the beach today? (I'll claim only one out of this bunch.) It was a perfect day, not too hot or cold. Baby Doll wasn't perfect though and caused me to pack up and head for home before the other kids were ready. She doesn't like the beach very much.

  • How yesterday the Birthday Girl decided after supper was too long to wait and helped herself to her cake? She managed to get several handfuls before I caught on and moved the cake to higher ground. "It yummy!", she proclaimed wiping the crumbs off her hands onto the floor.

  • How my computer is so slow, I could wring it's....errr....hard drive?

  • How today is the last day to enter the giveaway?

  • How I had a customer yesterday who bought not one, not two but three lovies from me and she doesn't have any kids and isn't expecting yet? Love her!

  • How I'm trying to work in an evening of volleyball but Hubster is working late?

  • How the spacing on this wonderful Blogger is going to cause me to use the rest of my patience, requiring me to dig into the very little bit of reserves I have stored up? (I'm kidding, I won't lose it over something this dumb. At least not today anyway! It's just frustrating to get it set just so and then when you click on publish, it goes haywire!)

  • How I "copied" a friend's idea and bought a darling personalized necklace for our new godchild? I got it in the mail today (not this exact one but similar)...now if I can get it mailed to her before she starts walking! (She's about three months so I have 9 months to get it to her.)

  • How I read a good joke on Twitter yesterday? My dad would appreciate this one..."My cat swallowed a whole bunch of yarn. After a few months she gave birth to mittens!" I know, it's bad but I still got the giggles from it. Simple pleasures for simple people!

  • How I should get off this wretched computer and make supper for the starving children of Western CO?


Ruthanne said...

I must be simple too because I laughed out loud at your joke! :)

Cindy and Mindy said...

Very fun! Love the 'peeing' one. I remember those days.
Great, fun, post!