Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She's quite the dickins!

I hopped in the shower about noon today, whistling Dixie. I was on top of my game! I had gotten the stuff together for a blanket custom order, paid bills, worked out on the bike and started laundry. Quite an accomplishment for me!

I was still whistling as I opened the door leading into our bedroom from the bathroom. I stopped mid-whistle when I saw scene #1...

Princess, complete with PB&J face and chocolate covered hands, had my pins out and was sticking them into the side of the Pack-n-Play. (Thankfully no baby was inside.) She looked at me with her saucer eyes and said "Put away, Mom?". As I followed her over to my desk, I saw scene #2...She had performed "surgery" on my stack of bills, totally destroying the blue envelope and extracting the check from another. (I did reconstructive surgery on the blue envelope before I took this picture.) I'm sure the Qwest is going to wonder why their check is covered in chocolate fingerprints, but hey, at least they got paid!

I buried my face in my hands when I saw the scribbled on chair and took a few deep breaths. Meanwhile, Princess fled the scene, her hair flapping in the breeze.

I only have myself to blame. It's totally par for me to start something and not complete it all the way. Or if I complete it, I don't always clean up my mess. I mean, what busy Mom can? I'm constantly being interrupted in the midst of doing something. (or at least that's my excuse :)! ) I tend to make a huge mess in my office and then clean it up all at once. (No wonder where my kids get it from. Here I thought it was from their father!)

When I do that, I try to keep my office door shut to prevent this type of thing. When I went to take a shower, the kids were outside having a picnic and I obviously didn't shut my door completely.

Oh well. At least I helped prevent the onslaught of Alzheimer's when I put the blue envelope back together, it was a puzzle of sorts! ;)

(Sorry if you're tired of hearing about her antics. This posting is more for me to have a record of her shenanigans since I'm not always good about writing things down on paper.)


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh MY have your hands full!
I used to either lock my daughter in her room in her crib...whilst taking a shower...or in the bathroom...but that usually led to her emptying the cupboards...they get into EVERYTHING!
I have a giveaway going on at the may like it:-)

Jennifer said...

What a cute story! "Stopped mid-whistle"... too funny!! Cute picture, she will love to see that when she is older, probably the only way she will BELIEVE that she actually did something like that! LOL

Missy B. said...

So stinkin funny! that would totally happen to me. Happy bill re-paying!

Cindy and Mindy said...

Oh, I NEVER get tired of hearing stories like these. It makes life fun and interesting!