Monday, March 2, 2009

Want to see JB's new baby's foot?

Talk about skis! He's waving them at us! He's about 6 weeks old and I'm sure he's just a little pumpkin! (I wouldn't know, I have only seen him in pictures. Sigh. The "side effects" of moving away from MN.) I'm pleased to see that he still has little chicken legs (I mean that in a nice way.). My baby is still fatter than hers! (For those of you that don't know our families, JB has these darling, dimply, rollie-pollie boys and I have these tiny, petite, skinny girls. Her baby will be catching up to mine and passing her quite quickly in the chubby department. Dolly needs as much of a head start as she can get!)

We got a request for two of the Scrappy Patchwork Blankets a few weeks back. Since JB had done the original one, I begged and pleaded with her to do two more. Since I wasn't around to take the pictures to list them, she had to do it. Didn't she do a great job??! Way to go JB! (She claims she semi computer challenged, but we all know better.) Okay, so sister H helped her out a bit on getting the picture uploaded and e-mailed to me, but we won't tell anyone!

Coming up tomorrow on my able mabel day! (Who am I fooling?! Feels good to say it at least!) I think I just jinxed myself by saying that!


Christine said...

Baby feet are the cutest things ever. Cuter than kittens, even. Maybe. Ok, they tie with kittens.

♥ xtine

jen said...

Sorry, those don't belong to LLB! Those tiny toes belong to teeny tiny Meg!