Friday, February 27, 2009

I need a shoulder massage!

I was hunched over the dining room table cutting out fabric for blankets and pouches when JB called. She was calling to tell me not to get discouraged with sewing. She had read yesterday's blog post and thought I needed a little encouragement to keep sewing. Any encouragement is great, although I have no intention of giving up anytime soon. I have way too much I want to make first! Yesterday was just an "off" day.

It's all good. I ended up getting my house clean, although you'd never be able to tell today. Such is life.

I got quite a few blankets and pouches cut out today. Next week during naptime I'll work on getting them sewn up. My mom is also sending me a purse pattern that she designed. I'm excited to try it out!!

Now it's time to clean up my fabric mess and get ready to make dinner. Sigh...What to make??


SleightGirl said...

I'm glad you're not giving up...and I know what you mean about cleaning, to see my house clean you better watch me while I'm doing it because the mess soon follows right behind.

Blog Artists said...

Your work is beautiful....don't give up!
I am an avid follower...looking forward to seeing new creations!