Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh what a morning!

This morning was going to be an able mabel morning, as stated last night. I sent the kids out to play, got the dishes done and escaped to my little work area. I was just finishing up with my first sign of the day when the doorbell rang. I was going to ignore it but decided I better not, so I answered it.

Before I go any further let me clue you in on the state of my house...
  • I'm working on getting clothes washed so there are piles of clean clothes on the chairs, comforters draped over stools to finish drying, sorted mounds of dirty clothes spilling out of the laundry room.
  • My 20 month old spilled the last bits of the Frosted Flakes all over the floor.
  • Someone had cut a piece of paper into little confetti strips and left them to fly all over the house.
  • The boys had a race track going thru the livingroom.
  • When they were playing outside, the mud puddles were screaming their names so the front porch was littered with caked mud boots with bits of sticks and rocks clinging to the sides and bottoms.
  • A Duplo tower was being built next to the kitchen counter, being supported by stacks of whatever they could find to prop it up.
  • and on and on....it could have been classified as a Federal Disaster Area!!

I was ignoring the mess until lunchtime. I would then have them clean up their messes, feed them lunch, put them for naps and then vacuum and scrub the floor. (See why I was going to ignore the doorbell?!?!?)

I timidly stuck just my mug out the door to find two people standing there grinning from ear to ear at me. (I did a quick "survey" of myself to make sure I was all in one piece...shirt pulled down all the way, fly zipped, no Cherrios stuck in my teeth, etc.) They introduced themselves and then asked if they could come in and sit down. Sigh. I very slowly opened the door let them in but suggested they keep their shoes on. Why, oh why hadn't they come yesterday when my house was totally spotless? (I think they did, but I ignored the doorbell. I was in the middle of exercising.)

It was an Insurance agent and her trainee. They were selling some sort of supplemental medical insurance. I patiently let them say their piece (She did all the talking, he just stared at the chaos swirling around us.). It was fairly interesting and I may actually be interested in it, after I do some research on it. I wasn't going to sign on the dotted line today. No way. Homework first, signature (a big fat maybe) later.

At this point, I was thankful for a few things...

  • I was dressed in a relatively "put together" outfit.
  • My kids were being fairly well behaved (with a few minor interruptions like shushing the kids singing SHZ songs from the stairs, wiping the snot nose as it rushed by, etc).
  • I had wet down my bed-head this morning (it was really wild).
  • The dishes were done and the table was clean.
  • The kids were dressed and those that wear diapers had clean ones on, at least to start with.

After they were done with their schpeal, I shooed them out the door and went back to finish up my sign. My jaw dropped when I saw it. My "budding artist" decided it needed a little improvement! She had come to me, as I was attentively listening to these salespeople, balancing my baby "just so" as not to disturb the load in her pants, with marker all over her hands. It didn't even cross my mind that it would be my marker, I just assumed she found one of the kids' markers.

Laugh or cry, cry or laugh?! It's actually quite funny. At least I hadn't put a lot of time into it, it came together pretty quickly. I really like the rubons I had used though and I think I'll be able to salvage those. I don't know, this just may have to go into her baby book (oh wait! I haven't started one for her yet!)

I can only imagine the conversation those two salespeople had once they got into their car. I'm certain of one thing...they got their Tuesday morning entertainment!


-k said...

That's great! Honestly, though, I would never have imagined that this scenario could play out in your house.... only mine! :L Kudos to you for still being able to make time to do your hobbies. I give up.

Flight Fancy said...

that brought a smile to my face! I'm so glad I'm past that stage with my kidlets). You sound like a pretty great mama!