Friday, March 6, 2009

I've been wanting to take some

playful pictures of our smocks for some time now. My imagination just wasn't working, I was having a hard time trying to decide how to do it. Today I decided to give it a shot. My goal was to get some pictures that weren't "forced" or posed. I wanted totally fun, makes-you-smile sort of shots.

First up: The original picture from the listing.

Pretty blah and "stiff".

First up. Hmmm...cute, but still not right. Still pretty stiff.
"How about we tell jokes! I'll go first." So we started in on the chicken crossing the road jokes. I still wasn't getting much playfulness out of her.
Okay, let's try jumping. Whee! So fun!
But her pants kept falling down. Put that thinking cap back on.

I know! Start twirling! Now we're talking! We were on to something then. She kept twirling and I kept snapping, not saying a word to her. She was laughing and giggling and we ended up with some fun shots.Just what I was looking for. You'd never know she was spinning in circles because most of the pictures don't show a lot of movement. While I love that look, the point of taking these pictures was to show the smock, not the sweet little girl.

Don't worry, we stopped before she got too dizzy! To see more from this shoot, click on here to view the listing.


Parallax said...

These came out really nice -- they show more of the fun that's in your designs. (and it sounds like a good day playing with your model)

Blog Artists said...

Love off to check out your other items on Etsy!

-k said...

You got it!- this captures the essence of your style. What fun!

Renee said...

I love the smock and your little girl is beautiful.