Friday, March 20, 2009

Style? What's that?

You know when you look at a product and you can immediately tell who made it....
I'm feeling like able mabel doesn't really have that. Take for example the baby blankets I was working on today.

Three totally different, distinct styles. You have the trendy Amy Butler, the cutesy Bambi and then the wild, bright floral. Talk about all over the "map".

Someone once told JB and I that able mabel does have a certain style. We were both left scratching our heads over that comment because we don't see it. (unless we missed the meaning behind her comment)

Does our shop "flow", do the products "compliment" each other? Obviously we haven't worried about it. We don't limit ourselves to any one product, theme, color, deisgner, etc. We make what we like and if the rest of the world likes it, that's awesome!

Is a lack of style a good thing or bad thing? Not sure...all I know is we're having fun doing what we're doing and that's what counts! It's a great escape from everyday life. We're not trying to build a brand or a huge empire. We're just living life a day at a time and thankfully neither of us have to rely on able mabel to pay the bills.

(I probably didn't make any sense, but then again, do I ever?!) :)

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Jeanne Selep said...

I love your comments on a look and style. I like so many different things, that when I am making cards I think of things like - this one is for someone who likes whimsy. This is more abstract and angular. This card is for the gardener, this one for guys, these are for teens, this is romantic and lacey.... And yes, when you try to have products for lots of different people, you won't have a look or style. I could make portions of my shop flow and compliment each other, but etsy doesn't really allow me to sort them that way, and I want to offer a variety.