Saturday, March 14, 2009

It was a wild day!

Yesterday after I returned home from my errands, I check my e-mail to find I had 8 new messages. I was assuming it was just family members commenting on our family blog. Imagine my suprise when it was 6 orders waiting for me! Holy Cow! I was in shock and positively giddy!

I quickly racked my brain to see if I could think of why I'd be getting a rash of sales all of a sudden...

Every weekend Etsy sends out an e-mail to all their newsletter readers notifying them of any sellers who are having a sale that weekend. In the e-mail they post pictures from a few different sellers with direct links to their shop as well as a link to the forum thread where sellers post what their sales are for that weekend. (how's that for a nice long run-on sentence!)
I've posted on the thread for a few weekends but nothing ever came of it. When I saw the thread pop up on Monday, I posted thinking "What the heck, it can't hurt. 20% off your order." (if you want in on this sale, just enter Love Spring into the message to seller box when checking out. It's only good for today though, so hurry up!) Easy enough.

I opened the email from Etsy, which was also in my inbox, to find that able mabel was the first shop pictured! Unbelieveable! They choose the Poppy Sign as their "item of choice".

That was the first thing that sold from the shop yesterday. I also 4 more requests for one similar.

I went into a bit of a panic thinking about all the cool stuff I still had to photograph and list! But I was having friends over for lunch, so I calmed myself down (I mean, there were still about 100 items for sale!) and answered e-mails, sent out revised invoices and responded to convos instead. Visiting my friends kept my mind off it (well, kind of) for the afternoon.

After they went home, I then remembered that able mabel is also being featured on ThirtyHandmadeDays blog. (If you want in on the sign giveaway, head on over there!) I sat down this morning and figured out that of the orders I got yesterday, 8 came from the blog and 6 from the e-mail.

Wow! It was absolutely thrilling!! I had a perma-cheese on my face all night!


esque said...

Congrats! Need to sign up for that newsletter asap!


mchen said...

Hail to perma-cheese :) Big big congrats, and lovely poppies!

Parallax said...

Well congratulations to you, what a great etsy-day

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the sales, that's great! I never thought those posts actually amounted to anything, thanks for proving me wrong!

Flight Fancy said...

That is so awesome! congratulations. Im smiling for ya!

-K said...

Awesome! How exciting.... I like the poppies sign, too. Simple and beautiful.