Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My sewing machine

and I were humming along together this afternoon. It felt so good to sit down and sew for most of the afternoon. I was about to stick the first pin into the fabric when my baby started screeching from the bedroom. Oh great, now what. She was suppose to be napping. How do they always know when you just get started on something? She only needed to be "topped off" (a mini feeding) and she was good to go for a couple hours. Whew!

Here's a sneak peek at some of what I got done.
The first three are burp cloths, the bottom three are little lovies. Talk about a variety of colors and patterns! The bottom four fabrics were ones that I had picked up months, maybe even a year ago from Oriental Fabrics. So fun! Two of them scream baby while the other two could really be anything. So sweet to have a productive afternoon!


Sarah Niemela said...

We need to take a mother/daughterswhosew trip for some fabrics.....

CAPow said...

those are really cute fabrics!