Monday, March 16, 2009

Please, please, please

don't let anyone show up unannounced on my door step this afternoon! Honestly, my house is a pig sty! Mondays are usually my cleaning up day, getting back on track after a busy weekend. We had something going on every day/night this weekend. I got a little bit done this morning but not much.

We went on our first hike of the season yesterday. It was 5 miles from our house and easy enough for all our kids to do it. My baby screamed the.entire.time. except for about 10 minutes. Good thing there wasn't anyone else on the trail. I was convinced she'd fall asleep in the front pack, it was nap time afterall. But no, she had to prove me wrong. It was still better than sitting at home on such a gorgeous day! She has to learn how to like hiking because I'm not sitting home all summer!

After such a busy able mabel weekend, my work area is a mess and my inbox is full. I'm still working on poppy pictures (4 down, at least 2 to go) and I have another order for a blanket to do. I'm not complaining one bit about how busy it is. I think my husband is finally about to "jump onboard" with me here as he's been seeing the piles of packages to bring to the post office. He's always kind of looked at it as a "tolerable-thingy" that keeps his wife happy and the house a mess! ;) He doesn't really mind, I think he sometimes feels jipped because he doesn't always have time to do his hobbies. I tell him it's one of the perks of being a stay at home mom! (I really do clean my house every week. But with so many bodies around here, it's hard to keep it clean!)

I'm done slurping up my leftover Salmon Chowder and listing this sign so now I really need to get some cleaning done. Guess my workout takes the back seat today....can't expect to get everything done in one day!

Happy Day to all!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem like people always drop in when your house looks like a tornado hit it? Always happens to me!

Marni said...

I used to live in Colorado! I miss the mountains! Pretty photo!