Friday, March 13, 2009


It has happened to me twice now. When I've uploaded new, better pictures to a listing and then renewed the listing, the item has sold with in a week or so. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.This clock sold within hours of renewing with brighter, more clear pictures.

This smock sold this morning/last night. After I retook pictures of this smock, it was featured in a treasury and a website for moms in Montreal.

I suppose I could play devil's advocate with myself and say that it didn't happen with this sign or a few others....but those other two above give me motivation to keep trying to get better pictures. I've always known that good pictures are vital to selling online but sometimes I really don't feel like retaking them. What can I say, I'm lazy! Sometimes it's discouraging to try and try and still not get a good picture. Oh one said life was "easy"! (If that's my biggest issue in life, I've got it made in the shade!) ;)
There will be no able mabel time for me today. I have some friends coming over for lunch! It's so fun to take a break from "real life" and spend time with friends!


Glenda said...

I love the clock...wish I had seen it in time. "Whatever" is my husband's favorite saying.
Glenda in MS

Anonymous said...

Saw you featured on 30 days blog - how fun is that? Good luck with your burst of sales! We need to plan a crafty weekend for this summer sometime. Deal? Kim

Renee said...

Your blog is wonderful as is your art.



Audrey said...

I love the clock!!!! That is how I feel today!