Saturday, October 24, 2009

Someone is trying to tell me something

I was feeling downright efficient today (mistake #1). The washer and dryer were churning laundry out left and right, the bathrooms were clean, the pantry stocked...ahhh...glorious Saturday!!
Check Spelling
I got supper in the oven and opened the baking cupboard to put the salt and pepper away. (mistake #2) I couldn't find the shelves, it was so packed full of junk and very disorganized! Naturally, I decided to organize it (mistake #3). I started pulling chocolate chips and open bags of brown sugar off the top shelf. Not totally paying attention, I set a bag of sugar on the hot stove burner. (mistake #4) I quickly yanked it off, leaving a pile of sugar on the burner and spilling half the bag down my leg and onto the floor. (definitely an "oh crap" kind of moment!) The garage door opened and Hubby chose the moment to walk in the show me something from the 'Burb. He chuckled and I shot him a glare. Little Miss KyKy seeing fortune in my misfortune, wasted no time scooping up handfuls of sugar and stuffing them in her mouth as fast as she could. (Thankfully her hands aren't very big.) After brushing the sugar off my clothes, scraping it from between my toes (I knew I should have put tennis shoes on today! mistake #5), and shooing the two year old away, I got the mess cleaned up.

Next up on the top shelf was a Tupperware of cocoa. On the bottom shelf was an unopened jar of cocoa. Makes sense to combine the two, right? (mistake #6) Not wanting to repeat the mess I just cleaned up and noticing the cover was bulging, I took it over to the sink to open it. I gingerly pulled back the lid. (mistake #7) The cocoa "burped" covering; the wall, the window, the decorative-robin's-egg-blue duck, the fruit bowl, the over-ripe bananas, the tomatoes, the counter behind the sink, the cord for the blinds and the faucet with a fine layer of cocoa. I think I yelled something like, "Grrr!!! I'm going to run away!!" Of course, the whole house (except Hubby, he knew better) came racing to see what got Mom's undies in the bundle. They took one look at the mess and scattered like mice spying a cat, leaving Baby sitting on the floor staring at me with longing eyes. (feeding time at the zoo)

My counter is now sparkling (there's a silver lining in everything, right?), Baby is fed and happy, my baking cupboard is organized(another silver lining), the front burner on the stove says "GAR" (gotta wait for it to cool down a bit more before I scrape the melted plastic bag off) and I am not doing any more organizing! I'm not pushing my luck! Who know's what could happen next?!?!

(quit laughing!!)


jen said...

I love the image of KyKy gleefully stuffing sugar in her mouth. And the sugar streaming out from between her fingers. And raining down on her little toes. Better check to see if there's any still left there. Does she like toe jam?

Tommye said...

I was smiling at mistake #4, laughing out loud by mistake #6 and peeing in my pants after mistake #7.

Sounds like one of my days...without the sparkingling kitchen.


able mabel said...

Actually Tommye, let me kitchen isn't sparkling, just the one area that was covered in least it was until we ate dinner.

Autumn2May said...

My husband has set various things on fire by putting them on the stove while it was on. :) I think it's a rule that at least one thing must explode while you are trying to make dinner. ;)

Jennie :0