Friday, October 2, 2009

I've hit panic mode

as the Church craft sale is now 1 month away! Yikes!! Can we pull it off?

Thankfully we have a ton of willing and hard workers. Today I hosted a "sewing bee" at my house. Okay, so it was only my machine and one other machine going but we were like busy beavers, keeping them humming all afternoon. We both felt super spoiled as our babies napped and the toddlers played outside. A few others neighbors popped in to check on us throughout the day and give a little moral support.

I'm starting to feel like I have this huge stack of "almost done, but still needs..." product, yet I don't feel like taking the time to finish it all. The solution? When I get back from my trip to NY in a few weeks, I'm going to set aside one whole day for finishing my projects. Efficient? Probably not, but who's really cares? ;)

The two of us hunched over our machines would have loved to keep sewing, but alas, life happens. Supper to make, babies to feed, messes to clean...We dragged ourselves away from our fun to attend to the needs of the rest of the crew.

It was awesome while it lasted and we'll do again soon! Sweet!

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