Friday, October 16, 2009

Details, details

Sigh. I’ve been snapping pictures left and right, dutifully recording our day. I was so excited to share them and then my bubble burst. This microscopic laptop doesn’t have a memory card reader. It didn’t even cross my fuzzy brain to grab the necessary cords to upload pictures. So much for that grand idea….

After an uneventful flight, we landed in JFK. Getting off the plane, we because very aware of our pale skin and light hair. Not another Scandinavian to be seen! It was awesome to, once again, be in the midst of so many other nationalities and languages. It felt funny to be speaking English… We almost broke out the Finn but JH is the only one who knows a lick of Finn. (minor detail) Before hitting the subway, we paused for a cup of coffee where Mom got her first mushy text of the day from Dad. (some things never change and that‘s a good thing!)

Once we arrived in the city, we shivered our way thru the streets, dodging bodies of the lunch crowd, finding a little pizzeria called Tramonti. Delicious!! We then dropped JH off at the hotel to snag some ZZZZ’s while the rest of us pounded the pavement once again to find some fabric and trim shops in the Garment District. (I tried to be discreet with my picture taking in the shops so I wouldn‘t get yelled at. Just doing my part to keep the peace in the City.)

We’re still hammering out the details of what to do tomorrow. It might come down to an arm wrestling match…may the strongest sister win!! (I’m kidding!) I’m staying out the planning. After all, we’d hate to have too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. I’m only going to put up a stink if we spend more than one day in a museum. It’s not that I don’t appreciate them, I just like them in moderation.

JB wants me to take a sauna with her tonight but the thought of a public sauna in a hotel locker room (females only at least) is setting off a serious case of the heebie jeebies!!

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Chet and Laura said...

Ah, New York. I was hoping for some photo's but I guess I'll have to wait.