Friday, October 9, 2009

No rest for the weary!

(I'm kidding about the weary part.)

I took a field trip yesterday to the boutique shop I blogged about the other day. I came home bouncing on air! She wants able mabel to create whole series of bird products for her Spring line. That means come January and February, we'll be busy little beavers!! She wants some of our products now but the bulk of it will be in February. She was the sweetest shop owner you'll ever find!!

Meanwhile, we continue to wonder where our dog is. When I left on Wednesday morning, she was in her kennel with the door shut and latched. When the kids got home from school, the door was open and she was gone. I've called the local animal shelter and she's not there...yet... We're really starting to wonder if someone helped themselves to her. She's a lab and doesn't wander far if she's let out so it seems like if she got out on her own, she'd stick around. I can't imagine her being able to get her kennel door open though. The latch is pretty tricky...Yesterday when the phone rang, our three year old asked, "Oh, is it Bella?" (the dog) I just hope wherever she is, she's okay...

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Chet and Laura said...

Oh, Bella! Come home!