Monday, October 19, 2009

I ran out of time

last night to blog. I was too tuckered out. A day of walking in the rain, browsing museums and shopping will do that to a person. (or people)

(This laptop is frustrating to type one. I'll be typing merrily away and all of a sudden the curor will move to a different location. Grrr...)

Today our little group broke up. I went with Mom fabric and trim shopping while the others went and did the "tourist" thing. (Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, etc)

It was pretty interesting to see all the different groups of people in each of the areas we went. The "shoppers" in SOHO. The "museum lovers" at the Metropolitan Museum. The "fashion designers" in the Garment District. Each group had it's own "style". It was fascinating!!

I'm beat...I'll post more tomorrow.

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Josie said...

How fun! Hope you have a great time! and P.s. My computer does that all the time too and it drives me batty!