Thursday, October 15, 2009

Notes from Day 1

Well, we made it. A few hours later than planned, but that's beside the point.

We ended up leaving Aspen an hour later than planned (thanks to the rain and clouds) which, in turn made us miss our connecting flight in Denver. We had about three hours to burn at the airport, instead of only one hour.Babes and I found a window to sit by and she kept herself occupied watching the comings and goings. She was an A+ baby on each flight, sleeping most of the way from Denver to Mpls. I'm still claiming that flying with a baby is both a workout in arm strength (she does not adore her carseat by any stretch of the imagination.) and patience. Still, I can't really complain.

I had our flights timed "just perfectly" for her, but then the weather interfered. It just goes to show that ultimately I'm not in control.

Babes awoke this morning to a living room full of adorning fans. (My mom, my SIL, my two youngest sisters and their friends) She didn't know what to do with herself until I pulled out the camera...then she broke out the grins!
I bummed a ride from my SIL to the outlets in Albertville to help her get her Retail Therapy in. We met up with another SIL in Gap and got to meet her latest and greatest. Dolly thought he was great and went straight for the eyeballs, squealing with delight. He begged to differ. Sigh. She's already picking on her younger cousins.

Now we're back at Mom and Dad's for an afternoon siesta. Mom is muttering something about heading to Ridgedale to meet Dad for supper. I suppose I can be talked into that. (Big Bowl? Delicious! No arm twisting required.) Hmmm...maybe I can sweet talk my little sisters into watching Baby Doll... ;)

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