Saturday, October 17, 2009


  • Cheesecake in New York is a complete rip off but oh so yummy!
  • People pay riduclious amounts of money and stand in line for ridiculous amounts of time for ordinary things. (But hey! It's New York so it must be special!)
  • Recession? Try wading thru the masses of people in Macy's...
  • I win three awards this weekend....having the biggest carry on suitcase, having the largest appetite (I admit, I'm a pig) and insisting on carrying all my valuables on me at all times (laptop, camera, wallet, etc. I learned a valuable lesson in Dallas when my camera got stolen out of the bottom of my suitcase in my hotel room.)
  • Butternut Squash Ravoli was absolutely divine from Spring Street something something in SOHO. (Hubby would not approve. His taste buds are very "refined".)
  • City Quilter Fabric Shop is nothing to write home about. We missed out on the boutiques in the Meatpacker District all for a lame fabric store. (JB did find a few yards to buy though)
  • The city is absolutely gorgeous at night. I love the look of all the buildings lit up!!
  • We had a surpise visitor last night. Our sister that lives in Upper Michigan showed up at our hotel. Mom and I both knew she was coming but the other two didn't. (tricky isn't she?)
  • As we stood on the street corner waiting for JB and Mom to finish gawking inside Dean and Doluce, the rest of us stood a gawked at all the people walking past. We wondered who were tourists and who actually lives here. Such a mix of people!!
  • I've started saying "Ei kiitos!" (no thanks in Finn) to all the street vendors who try to push their wares on us. Heehee!
  • We are all wonderfully exhausted after a full day of being outdoors and walking many miles.
  • Life is good.

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