Friday, October 23, 2009

It's all about the

visual progress today. I spent most of the day at my sewing machine, trying to kick out projects for the craft sale. It's only two weeks away! Yikes!! I worked on covers for the rice packs. (or hot packs, whatever you want to call them)

Started in on some decked out towels. We'll probably sell these both as burp cloths for babies as well as kitchen/bathroom towels. (You like that? Using the same prints on various products!)
And threw in a random plastic bag holder and pillow cover.
(Is is just my computer or are these pictures horribly washed out?!?! Ish.)
Nothing like a bit of stress off my shoulders. It felt wonderful to get so much done. Thankfully all the kids cooperated and played quite well!!


Angela said...

I think the towels look great!

Karen said...

I love your choices of fabric. The pictures don't look washed out to me.