Monday, May 4, 2009

When life gets busy

able mabel takes the back seat, unfortunately!

It was another busy weekend in able mabel land. Well, kind of. On Saturday morning, we all cleaned like mad since there was a showing on the house that we're renting (the owners surprised us by putting the house back on the market without telling us). As I was applying elbow grease to the kitchen sink, I was muttering something like, "they better show up after all this work." To which my hubby replied, as he's hovering over the mop bucket scrubbing the living room floor "hey, it's not all bad to have a clean house." Very true. About 15 minutes before the showing, I'm shooing kids out the door, doing some final straightening, he's hopping out of the shower....and they pull up to look at the house. Ooops! Granted they were early but it's still a little awkward to be there while they were there.

My husband's job has been up in the air (pardon the pun) for a few weeks now. We've been riding a major roller coaster around here, not sure what's going to happen. A company from New Mexico flew up about two weeks ago to look at taking over and they wanted my husband to stay on with them. On Saturday he was offered a job but at a significant pay cut. We were expecting a pay cut, but not that much. We spent many hours this weekend hashing it out, going around and around in circles, looking at it from all angles . In his line of work, there are more employment opportunities down here than in MN right now. He's going to take the job for now and continue to keep his eyes open for other possibilities. In this day and age, one has to be thankful they have a job that will pay the bills. He flew down to New Mexico this morning to be "formally hired" and get his drug testing done.

Our realtor that we've been working with here saw my able mabel address in my signature line on an e-mail I sent to her. She called me and told me about a shop in town that she thought would like our stuff. Exciting! I'll have to go there and check it out.

My kids are breathing down my neck wanting me to be done with the computer so they can watch their DVD I checked out for them at the library on Saturday. It's Baby Einstein My First Signs. We've checked it out one other time and the kids loved it. Our almost-two-year old picked up about 8 signs from the first go around. I was pretty surprised when she came up to me, signing "eat" when she wanted lunch.

Guess I'll clear off my table and get working on some coasters or signs.


Anne said...

It is so tough trying to show a house while living there. Especially with small kids. I remember showing our house when my daughter was 18 months old. She used to follow me and take out everything I put away.

Good luck on the job front. I have heard of many people being stuck with pay cuts. It makes it very hard to live.

Vanessa said...

Hey! I will definitely let you know when I get my PW up... I think I'm going to wait another week or so to get as many posts as possible under my belt (I'm only at 18 now, gasp!)

I need to find access to Photoshop so that I can my own ads and actually use the service to advertise lol. I've heard a lot of other Etsians say they use their PW profits for their own ads, so I think I'll be doing that as well!