Thursday, May 28, 2009

I scored today at the

grocery store. I was cruising thru the frozen foods and came upon a few carts of discounted items. Heaped in one of the carts were a bunch of...

Absolutely perfect for heading to the beach or to sauna at a friend's house. The tag on the carts said "Bags $3.49". The tight Finn in me scooped it up faster than you could say "Sold"!!

The other out-and-about bag I had been using is lacking a working zipper. Not good when you're carrying around sauna duds. You have to strategically place all undergarments at the very bottom of the bag, in the quite-likely event they spill out on the foyer floor causing great embarrassment to all those present. I never remembered to look for a new bag until I go to put stuff in the old bag. Obviously it wasn't a priority.

My girls were so proud of my purchase (I can't ever get anything new without all my kids excitedly telling everyone who enters our house about it. I have to teach them that Dad doesn't have to know everything!! ;)), they immediately showed it to my husband's niece when she came over this afternoon. I happened to check my receipt to make sure it rang up correctly since my oldest pointed out to her that, "The tag says $40 but my Mom said she only paid $3.49." Lo and behold it wasn't even on the receipt. Looks like I got it for free dollars.

I have some errands to run tomorrow so I'll buzz back into the store with the tote and my receipt and tell them about their error. There is a part of me that thinks, "Blech. It's their mistake so don't bother." But not only is it the right thing to go back to pay for it, it's also a good opportunity to teach my kids firsthand about honesty.

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Missy B. said...

FYI...if you find any more "free" bags let me know! I would even be willing to pay $3.49 ;) Nice find!