Monday, May 18, 2009

I thumbed my nose

at my piles of laundry and any housework to be done today, and instead took out my sewing machine. Housework never goes away, so today was "playtime"! I talked about it all last week and today I finally got a chance to do it! Yeah!!

This is what I had to deal with...(I'm not complaining, just sayin'...)

Since it had been a while since I pulled out the machine, I had to deal with the peanut gallery for a few minutes. It didn't take them long before they got bored and went to play. I kept checking on them every so often since they were outside. (Our two year old loves to take off down the street. Not good when you live in a neighborhood.) Here is part of the scene I found on the back patio...

Heeeheee! Sometimes I wonder! She obviously takes after her goofy father! Hat and mitts on (it was over 70 degrees), one shoe on, one shoe off, apron tied around the stroller, her big sister's socks on (each a different color). At least her pants are on this time. She was happy as a clam, so I snuck back inside without a word to continue sewing.

(Holy Cow! My baby is slowly but surely pulling herself across the room. Help! She's way too little!!!)

I was able to get 3 burpies and 3 blankets done. (a red birdie one in the bunch, surprise surprise!) Granted, I wasn't able to sew constantly.

  1. Iron the fabric.
  2. Help put a shoe on someone.
  3. Pin right sides together.
  4. Snag ruler out of little hands and put in safe place.
  5. Sew right sides together.
  6. Check on kids playing outside.
  7. Turn right side out and iron.
  8. Stop and feed baby.
  9. Topstitch blanket.
  10. Wipe up water cascading down front of the fridge.
  11. Cut threads, iron blanket one last time.
  12. Check on kids playing outside.
  13. Iron fabric for next blanket

You get the idea. It's what I get for working when the kids are awake. When they're napping, I can get a lot more done. That's life and I love it!

The school kids walked in the door so now it's time to clean up my mess and get supper going. Later!


jen said...

Love the back patio scene! What do you suppose she's thinkin'?

Christina said...

I struggle to find time to fully complete sewing projects as well, I just have one little one though who is 15 months old. :)

Tommye said...

Your daughter is an artiste! Creativity disguised as goofiness. Save these pictures. Think of all the fun you'll have later telling her about them. My sisters and I (all over 45) still tet the giggles over childhood pics.

Lynne Adamson said...

Really cute blog. Love the note to grandma and also the fact that I am not the only one snubbing the laundry pile LOL.

I have some sewing projects that are older than my children. Still have pattern pieces attached!!! (my kids are 22 and 24 LOL )