Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today I feel like doing this

at my lingering laundry piles, dirty bathrooms, sticky floors.

When I walk into my bedroom I need to
so I won't be tempted by my workspace.

Instead I'll move thru the day withand flair, going about my chores without complaint.

I'll work like a dog today so tomorrow I can start the day
fresh and ready to able mabel to my hearts content!!!!

(Illustrations can be found in cindyandmindy's shop. To read more about her and her lovely artwork, click here.)


Cindy and Mindy said...

Oh, my, gosh.
That is the cutest thing ever! I absolutely LOVE the way you put that story together using my illustrations! WOW!!! You're hired!

Pixel Wild Child said...

So funny! I love Cindy and Mindy art and see it together making a story is so cool! :O)

jen said...

Love it!!

Lizzy said...

That was cute...loved it!

mchen said...

Ha! Fun, playful and sweet. Good luck with the laundry :)

aiman said...

lovely illustrations!