Monday, May 11, 2009

When life get too stressful...

We run away! I'm kidding, but we did go camping in Moah, UT this past weekend. It was absolutely perfect! Perfect weather, gorgeous scenery, well behaved kids, etc. We went with three other families so the kids had a ball playing and getting grubby all weekend long.
Our campsite was up the road from Slickrock Bike Trail. There were sites tucked in among the rocks all along the road. Some of our crew went biking but we don't have bikes so we hung out and relaxed. Our oldest daughter and her friend surveying the lay of the land from our campsite.

The boys were trying to catch these little lizards that darted across our site. They never did catch one but I found on basking in the sun on a rock.

(It's really hard to write with Hubby standing behind my shoulder. Guess I can't perform under pressure! Now he's gone...phew!)

We took the kids hiking on Saturday morning. I brought up the rear with the toddlers and Babes, in a borrowed backpack, on my back. She loved it for the way up, smearing her boogers in my hair and drooling down my neck. Lovely feeling. I had to carry her on the way down. Guess she didn't like the Human Roller Coaster!
This is not my husband...this picture looks scarier than it really was. One of our friends climbed higher for a better look. We didn't let the kids up that way.
It was awesome to get away from life and have a change of scenery. It was just what the doctor ordered!!

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