Thursday, April 30, 2009

I was a walking fashion statement

this morning! I was embarrassed to even look at myself in the rear view mirror.

I had an eye appointment this morning along with my oldest daughter. (Nothing like squeaking it in before our insurance runs out tomorrow.) We both got our eyes dilated and received an absolutely gorgeous pair of disposable sunglasses. Since I had my antique glasses on (they're only about 9 years old, horrible!!) I got the kind that slips behind the glasses. The minute I stepped outside into the bright sunshine, I knew I was in trouble. So I pulled my normal sunglasses out of my purse.

I started a new trend in layering. First the doc issued sunglasses, then my hideous "not-for-use-in-public glasses, followed by my own sunglasses with a little bit of bling on each ear piece. My nose almost wasn't large enough to hold such a production. When people do the "swivel the neck and gawk", you know you're in trouble. The combo worked though and I was able to make it home without too much trouble.

I was planning on swinging into Target after my appointment but since my pupils were as large as saucers, I beat it right on home to the safety of my own house, declining a meet-at-the-park invite on my way there.

On the able mabel front...
On Tuesday, I finished waterproofing 5 sets of coasters and left them on the garage floor to dry. Before they were completely dry, some yahoo decided to ride their bike over the whole lot of them. What a mess!! Dirt and tire tracks don't make for a very smooth finish. Sigh! That's what I get for leaving them there. Now that it's nicer out, I'll be able to seal them outside and then read the kids the riot act about leaving them alone!! I'm just thankful there were no custom orders in that batch.

Today, I started working on the next batch of coasters. I have two coaster giveaways coming up (I'll be sure to let you know where to find the giveaways when they happens) so I need to kick out a bunch of them. Fun!!

able mabel is being featured on this blog today. Buzz over there and check it out!


Lisa said...

I need to set an appt to get my eyes checked,have never had themdialated and he wants to do that this time. I'm scared. :)

Glitzer said...

I totally know what you mean when you feel so awkward and you think everyone will look at you because you look different.. definitely not a scene you want to be caught in!

jen said...

Isn't it weird how when you have your eyes dialated, you can't see close up? At least I can't. I tried to pick out some new frames once after an eye exam. Each frame I tried on looked...fuzzy!

Sarah Niemela said...

A picture would have been fun to see....!

liza said...

Which reminds me, I need to have my eyes checked too. I also don't like that feeling when you feel you look odd and everyone's head is turning your way.