Friday, May 15, 2009

Playing catch up

today on all my social networks. I belong to a team on Etsy called Fabulous Artistic Moms. I used to be quite active in the group but have dropped off the face of the earth. I decided it's time to poke my nose in there again.

I've also decided to start adding buttons and/or link lists to all the places able mabel has been featured. First off is IndieSpotting. I snagged their button off their site. It's a very cute button. Next up is the FAM button. I'll add that when I'm done here.

I started adding tags to my blog posts. I probably did about 5 or 6 days worth and then gave up. I'll just try to remember to do it going forward.

Who wants to come over right now? My house is spotless, except for the older girls' room and the kids' bathroom. Quick, you better hurry! It won't last long! (I'm not going to need to proof read this post before publishing it. My oldest is curled up next to me, reading every word I'm typing. I better be good!) I asked my husband today how many years of housecleaning I had to put in before I could quit. His response..."100 years." Geez. Supportive isn't he?!? ;)

I'm off to do some more marketing! My sales have come to almost a complete halt. Hmmmph. Such is life.


Flight Fancy said...

I'm on my way over with a fresh cuppa coffee.Got to check out the house! If a mom/artist has a clean house I want to see!

noblegnome said...

I just wanted to say hi! I stumbled upon your blog and can identify with so much of what you are writing about. Clean house?! What is that? Congratulations!!! I sent two hours mopping the flors this morning with an 11 month old baby hanging by my leg and then had the dog come through the door and throw up some compost he had gotten into. It's naptime so I better start over again. By the way, nice Etsy shop. Have a great day!