Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's been many moons

since I've featured another Etsy artist/shop. Today I started a thread in the forums looking for people who want to be featured. The first one to respond was melker. I lucked out and got an awesome shop to feature on the first try!! Seriously, check this out!!It's a boot made out of an origami napkin. Unbelievable!!

I asked melker if she'd share a few thought with us.

"I am quite new to etsy, I started with handmade jewelry in my shop just over a month ago and two weeks ago I started adding what I call my Wonderland Decorations , for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. It was when I started listing my wonderland stars that more people begun to contact me."

"I am from Sweden in the north of Europe where Etsy is not that well known. I read about the site for the first time in a handicraft magazine in December last year and I was truly amazed and now I am hooked on it :) You can read more about my background in my shop profile if you want to. I try to make unique items for my shop. I have come up with the techniques that I use my self and most of my jewelry is made out of wire, just like my wire trees that I am extra proud of. Some of my paper decorations like my wonderland boots, my small kimono shirts and the origami peacocks I have learnt from reading origami books over the years, whilst other decorations like my once upon a time place cards, my sweet hearts and my dream feathers are entirely my own creation. As you might notice I take a lot of my inspiration from fairytales and nature, but I want my jewelry and decorations to appeal to a wide range of people."
Head on over to her shop and have a looksie! It's absolutely amazing!!


Tommye said...

Very cool. What an artist.


madbird said...

Wow - that is really amazing!