Friday, May 8, 2009

I better get in here now

before I run out of time today. I'm slurping on my coffee, wasting time on the computer like I have nothing else I should be doing today.

Earlier this week, in the midst of my flitting around the house, I couldn't focus on any one thing so I grabbed my book and headed out to the back patio. The kids were napping and it was absolutely gorgeous out. I stripped down to my tank top (I still had my pants on, silly!) and read for about 45 minutes. I came back inside and my chest was as red as a lobster. Oops, not good! Today I'm scratching at it like a dog with fleas. I hate sunburn! I usually try to only spend a little bit of time in the sun so I don't burn, but the time got away from me that day.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with an insurance guy getting quotes for temporary health insurance. He was an easy going kind of guy with a sense of humor similar to mine. It was actually kind of fun, believe it or not. We got to the point where he was going to e-mail me the quotes and I started giving him my email address..."ablemabel..." he stopped and gave this big deep belly laugh. "That's a good one!", he said, gasping for breath. I'm glad I made someone's day!

I keep having to change my avatar on Etsy because it keeps selling. I was browsing thru my pictures yesterday and saw this picture. Who can resist baby feet?!?!

As I'm typing this, she's trying to fall asleep for a short morning nap. She has the "double-barrel-snot-gun" action going on (to borrow a phrase often used by my dad!) and can't breathe thru her nose. It makes it pretty difficult to suck on a pacifier.

Now Miss K has slipped out the back door still in her pj's. Time for me to hang it up here and get my day going!!

Have a great weekend!!


Tommye said...

Okay, I have to follow you because you and the insurance guy and I all have the same warped sense of humor. And yes, your double-barrel-snot post is what got me here! Love it.


Sarah Niemela said...

Wow! Quite the followers you get!! Wish I had some of that action around this house. You guys all up and left and I forget what is was like!!!
If I send you a couple of purses will you photograph them and put them up for me???!!!
Love ya, Mom
Happy Mother's Day by the way....!

Audrey said...

We don't have to worry about sun burns here yet, though I have been out on the deck (in a jacket and blanket)! Love baby feet - that picture is wonderful!

Hypnotransformations said...

That is an adorable shot of the baby feet! Great choice for an Avatar.
I have red hair, pale skin and freckles, I can totally relate to the sunburn story. It seems like five minutes in the sun and I get burned.