Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's 10:00 am

and what is the able mabel household up to? Dolly is in her third favorite perch. Her first being my arms (she LOVES it there), second being the swing and now she's loving the Exersaucer. At least for a few minutes. She still pretty small for it, a whole 9 weeks, but if we prop her up with a blanket, she does just fine.
The kindergartner is home today (he goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday) so he's starting in on his jobs. Definitely takes some prodding from his Mother.

She slept in today. She's devouring a gourmet bowl of Froot Loops.

This little Pipsqueak is slobbering over a Starburst. (sounds like a sugar fix is happening over here!) Yikes! Someone grab the wipes! On the double!

A rice pudding is cooking in the oven. Hubby claims I'm addicted to the stuff. Hey, I can think of worse stuff to be addicted to! I love it after a workout. I don't eat eggs or drink milk when I'm nursing...ask the others in this house how Baby Doll behaves when I eat them....so this is how I get my fix. Not the healthiest way but...

He has a nasty cold and spends a lot of time snuggled up with his blanket, laying wherever and however. He's not picky. This morning he picked the kitchen floor (can you say comfy?!?) and watched his older brother empty the dishwasher. He's waiting for him to finish so they can go play cars, or Legos, or trains, or pick-on-your-sister-until-she-screams-like-a-stuck-pig.

Two custom orders waiting to get started. The fabric for two blankets (can't get going on those until I get a down payment. I normally don't require one but these two are personalized. Kind of hard to resell a personalized blanket), and the cardstock for the coasters. As soon as I get Dolly settled down for a morning nap, I'm digging into the coasters.
Hubby is coming home for lunch today so that means I should probably get the breakfast dishes done this morning instead of waiting until it's almost suppertime. (wait, did I just admit to that in writing?!?!)

The timer is beeping, Dolly is screeching for a mid-morning feast, the boys are running Lego wheels down the "slide" in my bathtub (no water running though) and the girls are smearing lotion all over their hands, arms and face, someone smells suspiciously, well, stinky...never a dull moment in the able mabel house!


Daily Sip Studios said...

Hi, I found you in the Etsy forums. So fun to read your day-in-the-life posts. Also love your Etsy shop. Thanks for posting!

Chrisy said...

well i just admire u for having the time and energy to do a blog post...u must be very well organised girl...

-k said...

Ha! I'm so glad to hear that even some one so "with-it" leaves breakfast dishes 'til supper, at least every once in a while! Glad I'm not the only one.... ;-)