Friday, February 6, 2009

Three down, one to go...

and then a few hours to myself. (You know, naptime.) What should I work on? Pillows, pouches, blankets, signs, light switch covers, coasters...?!?!? Geez! The possibilities are endless!

Oh! I forgot to tell you. I got my sewing machine yesterday! As I mentioned before, a friend of mine got a new one for Christmas and so kindly gave me her old one. She came over for lunch yesterday to deliver it. As soon as she shut the door, I pulled out my fabric squares and started in on a patchwork belt for myself. I got the patches all sewn up and now am washing some light weight denim to use for the backside.

I already know I'm going to have a love/hate relationship with this thing. I won't tell you how much thread I went thru trying to load the bobbin, or how I was ready to hurl the thing out the window at one point. I stayed calm though, put it away for a bit to tend to my kids (that is my first priority anyway. My kids and my husband.) and by the time I came back to it, it worked like a charm. I forgot to buy bobbins the other day, so I haven't been able to play with it much.

Ohhhh sweet! Now there's four down, zero to go! Later!

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